Can I still Volunteer?

Write a cheery note to a senior-living facility resident. 

Research shows that people who volunteer are more healthier mentally and physically because they have something to look forward to. They have an outlet to offer their skills, talents, time and energy for a specific cause.

Most recently we have witnessed what COVID-19 changes has brought to our lives and the nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofit agencies had to suspend their public activities. The work of the volunteers were cut short and those affected still needed to remain active.

While keeping the social distancing and the stay-a-home-orders, nonprofit agencies reviewed their mission and community needs and did some adjusting or brought them to the forefront.

Joy Banish, executive director of Greater Cleveland Volunteers offers these suggestions:

  • Reach out to senior living facilities with a note. Include a positive message, add a comic strip or a page from a crossword or other puzzles.  If you have an adult coloring book, tear off a page and include. Call the facility before mailing or delivering to ensure they will accept.
  • If you sew, do what so many are asking and sew masks. There are requests from medical facilities, homeless centers for their at-risk clients and volunteers and staff distributing food at distribution centers.
  • Make your own assignment and call, write, email family and friends you had not recently connected with.
  • When you take a walk, take a bag, gloves and collect light litter. Dispose of properly. 
  • Call a nonprofit agency and ask if you can help by making any of their business-related phone calls
  • Check with your local Meals On Wheels and ask if they have any needs. Some are delivering to home bound seniors. Human contact is very limited. 

Greater Cleveland Volunteers has social distancing volunteer opportunities. Visit their website at or call 216-391-9500 x 2123.


Dianna Kall

Dianna Kall is the Communications Manager for Greater Cleveland Volunteers, a nonprofit agency who partners with 100+ other nonprofits promoting volunteer opportunities in Cuyahoga County. 

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Volume 11, Issue 5, Posted 5:48 PM, 05.07.2020