What's Good About Euclid Schools: Ten things I've been impressed by this year

Pam Turos and music teacher Jessica McElroy during after-school pick up at Arbor elementary.

One of the greatest challenges of being a parent in the Euclid school system has nothing to do with state test scores or other external measures of educational success. Our biggest challenge is that very few people get to hear about all the amazing people, programs and opportunities that Euclid students benefit from on a regular basis. 

To help counteract this unfortunate truth, I’ve put together a list of the things that have reaffirmed our family’s commitment to supporting Euclid schools.

  1. Top-quality teachers. I am impressed again and again by the depth of knowledge, creativity, and dedication that represents a standard level of performance for the teachers and staff I have interacted with this year.

  2. Coaches who expect high levels of academic commitment and are persistent in monitoring. For the first time ever, my son expressed pride in being recognized as a “top student athlete” for his grades. 

  1. Guidance counselors who respond quickly to questions and concerns, while also helping my son register for college testing and readiness programs without any guidance, encouragement or participation on my part. 

  1. Parents who volunteer at the Early Learning Village during lunch hour so it’s less hectic for the youngest students and helps staff establish new school routines and systems. 

  1. Alumni who are now experienced professionals, some not even living in the city of Euclid, attending weekly planning meetings to rally support for the upcoming levy. 

  1. A music teacher who organizes an annual “career day” bringing dozens of parents, community members, and volunteers from all over the city to talk with her elementary school students about what’s possible for their future. 

  1. Parents, teachers, staff, coaches, police officers and school board members who show up at community events (over 3,000 per year in our schools) and organize a profitable, volunteer-led concession stand that rivals any public or private group in Northeast Ohio.

  1. Teachers who hold my son accountable for looking at his phone too much during the day but also recognized that he was bored in class and needed to be more challenged.

  1. A very simple school registration process that can be completed online and followed up with a personal appointment — also pretty easy to reschedule a few times, if you’re like me.

  1. Students from other districts who came to recent Euclid community meetings to tell our residents how much they appreciate the partnership programs they attend that are unique to Euclid schools. 

“Euclid schools have changed my life.” 

Those aren’t my son’s words. They are the words of a young lady from Wickliffe who participates in the Euclid High School welding program. But I said it last month, and I’ll say it again. Our choice to return to Euclid public schools this year has been a blessing for my son and our family. Please support Issue 27 on the ballot March 17 so we can keep making progress as a school system and a community. 

Visit citizensforeuclidschools.org for more information.

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Volume 11, Issue 3, Posted 5:25 PM, 03.09.2020