How to Cut your Prescription Costs Down to Size

The costs for many prescription medications keep going up every day. Even those who have good insurance coverage are seeing their costs on the upswing. Without insurance, many people find themselves unable to keep up and must do without.

Fortunately, there are a number of legitimate resources designed to help you cut the cost of your prescriptions down to size. Not every one of these resources will work in every situation, but you may find one or more that can help you.

“Is this really the best price you can offer?”

Don’t be shy about questioning your pharmacist about the price you are being charged. Ask him or her if you can save money by paying for the prescription instead of going through your insurance plan. You may be surprised at the savings. Also, ask your doctor whether there is a generic version of your drug or if he or she can give you free samples or a discount card.

Use an App to Comparison Shop

Prescription costs vary widely between pharmacies. Get a quick idea of what your prescription will cost through any of the growing list of apps and websites that provide comparative pricing at pharmacies near you. Examples of these apps and website include GoodRx, RetailMeNot Rx Saver and to name a few. Their comparative pricing service is provided free of change. They may have coupons and discount offers to help lower the final cost of your prescription, too.

Assistance for Life-Saving Medications

The Assistance Fund provides assistance that can make the difference between life and death for some patients. This non-profit helps pay for some medications by footing a significant amount of the out-of-pocket costs — including copayments, coinsurance, deductibles and other health-related expenses — for insured patients. The Assistance Fund tries to approve people for assistance within 24 hours because they know time is of the essence in many cases. You can see a list of diseases that are covered by The Assistance Fund at

Check Manufacturer Websites for Rebates

Manufacturers of brand-name drugs often offer rebates or other assistance to get people to try their medications at deep discounts or for free. You will need to visit the drug manufacturer’s website to learn whether any coupons, rebates or introductory offers available.

Always talk to your physician if you cannot afford your prescription. He or she may be able to recommend other resources to help you. Skipping your prescriptions is never a good choice.

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Laura Mutsko

Laura Mutsko is a licensed insurance agent and broker offering a complete line of health and life insurance products, including Individual, Group and Family Health, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage, Vision, Dental and Life Insurance. Contact Laura at 440-255-5700. Mutsko Insurance Services, LLC is located at 6982 Spinach Drive in Mentor, Ohio.

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