Ecumenical Prayer Service A First for Our Lady of the Lake School

Recessional Procession: For the Life of the World

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All Are Welcome! Let Us Join Together in Prayer!

With a wonderful mixture of Christian churches attended by Our Lady of the Lake students, Fr. Joe seized the opportunity to welcome the student's pastors to join together with him and the students in prayer.  As a result,  Our Lady of the Lake School had its first Ecumenical Prayer Service on January 30th.  The Pastors of five student attended churches con-celebrated with Fr. Joe and the OLL Student Assembly.

The Ecumenical Prayer Service included an Opening Prayer, a Reading, and Gospel followed by a Homily and then a Laying on of Hands Blessing from all five of the pastors.  Celebrating with Fr. Joe were:Rev. Wayne Dawson of Grace Tabernacle Baptist Church; Fr. Gary Chmura of St. Adalbert; Pastor Steven Hackmann of Shore Haven Lutheran; Fr. Bill Jerse of St. Jerome and Rev. Rosalind Hughes of Church of the Epiphany.  The prayer service was very well received and prompted the question "Can we do this again?" as many in the parish and school community look forward to joining together again in prayer.

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Volume 11, Issue 3, Posted 5:25 PM, 03.09.2020