Coronavirus: How to Build Your Immune System

The onset of the Coronavirus and its rapid spread has caused much concern.  What everyone needs to realize is that your immune system must be strengthened to protect yourself.

Good health care is recommended.  Build up your immune system by drinking green tea with its high levels of antioxidants daily.  Honey used as a sweetner also has anti inflammatory properties to help prevent inflammation in response to a virus attacking your immune system.  The use of lemons in your tea with its Vitamin C properties helps to build your immune system as well.  

Drinking green tea with honey and lemon is very effective in helping you ward off problems of inflammation due to any virus.  Help yourself and your family by drinking a warm cup of tea with honey and lemon.  

It is important to note that we are what we put in our body, since our body is more than 60% water.  It should be recognized our bodies heal when it is alkaline.  Your water should be alkaline.  Spring water is more alkaline than your purified water and therefore better for your body.

Be Blessed!

B. Liddell

Bari Beauty & Health Plus

Barbara Liddell

I have been a  merchant on East 185th Street for over 10 years. My store name is Bari Beauty & Health Plus. I have beauty & health products focusing on more organic products vitamins, shea butter, aloe and etc. We make our own wine called Granny's Wine.

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Volume 11, Issue 3, Posted 5:25 PM, 03.09.2020