UH Richmond Medical Center Keeps Euclid Fire Dept. Heroes Healthy

The Euclid Fire Department visits Dr. Christopher Tangen for preventive health screenings. 

Each fall, University Hospitals Richmond Medical Center ensures our local heroes are in peak condition to keep us safe every day.

As a sports medicine specialist, I believe that being an athlete and being a firefighter go hand-in-hand. It’s important whether you’re on the field or on duty that you’re in the best position to perform. We offer similar screenings and physicals to both firefighters and athletes, with a focus in three main areas – wellness, peak performance and general prevention.

For the past four years, we’ve offered a variety of preventive screenings to the Euclid Fire Department, including EKGs, hearing and breathing tests, blood screenings and even cancer screenings to firefighters.

We aim to take up as little of their day as possible, so firefighters can quickly get back to work. Screenings take about 40 minutes total and all tests can be done in the same building. A few weeks later, I oversee their test result readings, perform physicals, and follow up on anything that may need to be addressed.

Over the course of three days on October 15-17, about 60 firefighters came out to see us. We’re glad that what started as an event in our Richmond Heights community has expanded to other regions, and we hope to continue developing partnerships with our Ohio EMS teams.

Thank you to our Euclid Fire Department for your partnership, and thank you for all you do to protect our community!

While preventive screening tests are important, they aren’t all-encompassing. It’s important to have a good relationship with your physician throughout the year. To make an appointment with Dr. Tangen for primary care or a sports-related issue, please visit: UHhospitals.org or call 440-585-7146.

Ansley Gogol

Christopher Tangen, DO, is Medical Director of Sports Medicine at UH Regional Hospitals. 

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 4:14 PM, 11.11.2019