Bob's Corner

I did something I shouldn’t have done.  I knew it wasn’t quite right when I did it, but I thought it worth the risk.  In my mind, it was going to work out just fine.  Many will call it a stupid choice, an error in judgment, or a horrible mistake.  What did I do?  I bought a condo before I sold my house, and now my house is not selling and I am stuck with two mortgage payments.

Not my brightest moment, I know.  I am left with the consequences.

We built the house three years ago, thinking two of the boys would be with us for a while.  It didn’t turn out that way, and the house is too big for just the wife and me.  Also, I’m starting to have trouble keeping up with yard work.  We looked around and found a cozy condo, so we put our savings as down payment and financed the rest.  The belief was our house would sell quickly.  It hasn’t.  At the time of this writing (2AM, Monday morning), I have come to the conclusion we must also list the condo for sale.  We will end up living in whichever home doesn’t sell.  This whole ordeal is a financial blunder that will take a long time to fix.

If you’ve read my columns, you know I have a particular way of looking at the world.  Though I am anxious by nature, I have learned not to let my thoughts bother me.  Much of my growth has come from experiencing serious illnesses.  I have faced my own death, and my understanding of life has changed.  I have come to appreciate the importance of small things like the beauty of a summer day and the warmth of the sun on my face, the delight of my wife’s fingers intertwined with mine, a hot cup of coffee handed me by a friend, the sparkle in my daughter’s eyes and the excitement in her voice as she talks about her new job, and the smile of a senior citizen when I tell a joke.  Each of those can be regarded as silly things, but to me they are full of meaning.

So, what about the two mortgage dilemma?  I know what is important, and it’s not the house I live in or the savings I have (or no longer have).  What is important has not changed.  Yes, I made a financial mistake.  I really blew it, and I will pay for my error.  But I am still here, able to enjoy another day, a touch from the love of my life, and interaction with good people.

I am truly blessed!

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 5:24 PM, 09.08.2019