Pocket-Sized Planting

A little green would make a big difference in the midst of the acres of pavement near the Euclid

Maintenance Facility. Roy Larick put out a call for volunteers to plant a miniature urban “forest” of trees, bushes and native wildflowers along border of the City Garage on Lakeland Blvd.

On a July Saturday, a half dozen City workers helped some 30 volunteers called out by Bluestone Heights, Friends of Euclid Creek and the Keep Euclid Beautiful program.  In what had been an asphalt desert, the wildflowers and trees will provide color and shade. But the intent goes even deeper into the soil. Vegetation traps rainwater. It slows the storm runoff, allowing pollutants to settle rather than being flushed untreated into streams and sewers that feed our Lake Erie.

True, this is but a pocket-sized planting. But small is how a big Great Lake comes to be healthy.

Volunteers with the shovels and wheelbarrows coming together with the huge hope of a brighter Euclid and cleaner Lake Erie.

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Volume 10, Issue 8, Posted 8:51 AM, 07.30.2019