GI Makes Special Visit to OLL School

Lt Katie was thrilled to meet her student penpals from OLL School and thank them for their letters and their prayers.

On May 3, the students in Cathy Gentile's third-grade class got the biggest surprise of the year -- a very special visit from a very special penpal. 

All year, these Our Lady of the Lake students have been sending letters, photos and prayers to Lt Katie, to let her know they supported the important work she has been doing in Afghanistan, representing the United States and working to make our world a safer place.

Lt Katie and her parents came all the way to Ohio to visit the students in their classroom, to let them know how much their support and prayers meant to her. She answered all their questions about how she joined the army, and her experience serving our country. They learned a lot -- and it was a wonderful experience for Lt Katie and her family as well. What a great way to bring the world into the Our Lady of the Lake classroom!

To see the heartwarming video of Lt Katie meeting with the students, visit Our Lady of the Lake School's website at

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Volume 10, Issue 6, Posted 4:12 PM, 06.05.2019