Bible Baptist Temple 40th Church Anniversary

Pastor Andrew J. Rusnacko

   Bible Baptist Temple is an Independent, Fundamental, KJV Bible believing, church which is celebrating its' 40th year Anniversary on May 5, 2019.  Bible Baptist Temple was founded on the first Sunday in May 1979 by Pastor Andrew J. Rusnacko, who still leads the church today.  The first seven years it had Sunday services at the Noble School on Babbitt Road, then moved into its present location, 1565 Chardon Road. Next year will be the 200th year anniversary of this oldest church site in Euclid. The cornerstone is still located at our church today.

   Pastor Andy was born and raised in the Cleveland area. Through a sequence of God-ordained events he was drafted into the army in 1969, during the Vietnam war, however was never sent overseas, but stationed in Key West Florida.  It was while in the army that he first heard the life-changing gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved”. Drawing from the truths and wisdom in God’s Word and having a burden for people to be saved, the Lord directed him to start a church in Euclid.

   The church has many outreaches as it fulfills the ‘Great Commission’ – along with Sunday services and Wednesday Bible studies. It supports fifty missionaries worldwide, has weekly radio programs, and a monthly NewsLetter sent out to many in the greater Cleveland area.

  Its' longevity can be accounted for because of dedicated Christians who faithfully attend and support this church, and especially the continued blessings of the Lord.  By faith and belief in God’s Word and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the congregation is looking forward to many more years of serving the Lord at this location.

  If you would like to learn more, or receive our free monthly newsletters, please call our church  at 216-531-1273; visit our website at www; listen to our radio programs on 1220 am; or better yet visit our church,  1565 Chardon Rd. Euclid 44117  (across from the fire station on Chardon Rd–and the Euclid Historical Museum on North St)

Carol Rusnacko

wife of Andrew J. Rusnacko, Pastor of Bible Baptist Temple in Euclid

phone 440-289-2999

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