False Alarms and Police Response

Many home owners and businesses have security alarm systems installed for security purposes. Sometimes alarms are deemed false for various reasons. Did you know that The City of Euclid has an alarm ordinance designed to address problems associated with false alarms that occur at Euclid properties.  Property owners can be charged a fee if Euclid Police respond to several false alarms within a year’s time.

Any alarm is considered false unless:

There is clear evidence of an actual attempted intrusion.

There is evidence of an electrical utility outage or condition affecting a general neighborhood.

There is evidence of extreme weather conditions, including thunder, snow, ice or electrical storms.

There are alarm occurrences during the 30-day period following the installation of an alarm system.

Within one calendar year:

1st false alarm - Fee waived

2nd false alarm -Fee waived

3rd false alarm -Fee waived

4th false alarm -$50

5th and all subsequent- $100 each

Sometimes police officers respond to an alarm and are unable to locate the owner or make contact by phone. In these cases the premise is checked and secured and the responding officer will complete and leave this Alarm Notification at the scene.  

If you have any questions concerning the circumstances of a false alarm at your property, you may call the Euclid Police Department at (216) 289-8474 and refer to the complaint number provided.

Here are some tips to help deter false alarms.

· Make sure everyone is familiar with the alarm system operations.

· Secure doors/windows before turning on the system.

· Beware of changes to the alarm’s environment (decorations, fans, etc.)

· Notify monitoring facility of any/all changes including contact phone numbers.

· Routinely inspect equipment and have it maintained by qualified personnel.

· If power to the alarm system is out for more than ten (10) hours, please call your alarm company.

· Check/replace batteries in all wireless devices.

· Make sure your central monitoring facility attempts to verify an alarm signal before dispatching an emergency response.

· Test your alarm system after any alarm work is completed.

· Keep all names and numbers accessible for the alarm company and the monitoring facility.

· Know your city’s policy regarding false alarms and any applicable grace periods.

· Notify the police department of any responsible party/key holder information.

· Contact your alarm provider as soon as you observe any type of alarm malfunction.

Alarm Check List:

Are you and others who use the system fully educated on its proper operations?

Does everyone with a key to your home know how to operate your security systems?

Do you take care to eliminate possible causes of false alarm?

Have you rehearsed alarm cancellation procedures with all who use your system to cancel accidental alarm activations?

Do you communicate with your security company regularly, advising of vacation days, problem areas or maintenance needs?

Do you notify your local Alarm Coordinator when phone numbers or situations change?

Do you have your security system instruction book and alarm company names and telephone numbers readily available in order to call and cancel accidental alarm activations?

Kate McLaughlin

I am the Community Policing Specialist at the Euclid Police Department.

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Volume 10, Issue 4, Posted 3:01 PM, 03.30.2019