From VR to Reality: Euclid Waterfront Update

SmithGroup typically pilots a drone to monitor construction progress. Compare the render from 2018 to the construction in mid-February 2019, taken from about the same perspective looking west over Lake Erie.

Over the past decade, SmithGroup crafted multiple renders – from hand drawn marker sketches to sophisticated computer models – to help the community vision our dream of lakefront development. A favorite tool in the past two years has been the virtual reality video (follow this link: Some stakeholders had the opportunity to view the model through a special VR headset and “walk” the future trail at waterfront events. 

Now that ‘rocks are in the water’ and equipment moves over the approximately ½ mile-long construction site almost daily, our vision is making the leap from virtual reality to reality. Later this year, we all will have the opportunity to enjoy a sunset stroll on the lakefront. 

Timeline: The bases of nearly all breakwaters, composed of 1 and 2-ton limestone slabs specially selected from a quarry in Ohio and carefully placed in the water with GPS coordinates, are complete. They provide necessary shoreline stabilization and form the edge of a new cobble beach to serve as nearshore wildlife habitat – as well as a place for the public to enjoy. In February and March construction on the stone revetment continues, which will give rise to the northern concrete foundation wall of the public access lakefront trail. 

Everyone is encouraged take a walk or bike down to the Fishing Pier for a front-row seat to watch the exciting construction activity. The City of Euclid’s Facebook page regularly features photographs and other updates and all current construction projects in the City have information pages hosted on the main page of the City of Euclid’s website (click on “Construction Project Updates”). For your own safety, do not trespass onto the construction site and private property at the top of the bluff, clearly marked by signs and fencing installed by the contractor.

Allison Lukacsy-Love

Allison Lukacsy-Love is the Community Projects Manager at the City of Euclid. You can reach her at (216) 289-8160 or by email at

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Volume 10, Issue 3, Posted 2:41 PM, 03.10.2019