Euclid Community Policing

There have been 48 reports of stolen firearms in the City of Euclid since January 1, 2018. Of these 46% are stolen from vehicles and 54% from inside homes or garages.  Criminals know that many people like to keep their guns inside their cars and if they break into enough cars it is likely they might find a firearm.  Your vehicle is NOT a secure location as 17% of the vehicle firearm thefts were from the locked trunk, 11% from the console, and 9% each for the glovebox and floor.  As always the Euclid Police Department encourages you to never leave anything of value in your automobile. Besides securing you firearm to prevent theft, proper storage also helps to prevent accidents. The National Rifle Association offers these tips for safe storage of guns.  Trigger locks are a simple option for preventing a gun from being loaded or fired by an unauthorized user and cable locks block the action of the firearm. Gun cases protect the firearm from physical damage and can be locked. Strong boxes and security cases provide the firearm owner with a portable storage option and come with different locking and mounting options.  Gun owners can also store their firearms in locking steel cabinets or a gun safe. Be a responsible gun owner by taking appropriate safety measures.

Kate McLaughlin

I am the Community Policing Specialist at the Euclid Police Department.

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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 12:01 PM, 11.04.2018