A Spiritual Journey to Oneness

BLUE SKIES AHEAD is a human desire around the world.  The essence of this desire for blue skies is a gentle, sunny day, every day.  Can natural occurrences become symbols or clues to our human nature?  I believe so.  Certainly some clouds, white and fluffy are a delight, even joyfully viewed.  Dark clouds remind us of the polarity in life, the balance.  Stormy weather, thunder and lightening can signify our not so pleasant thoughts and actions.  If we are watchful, mindful, a rainbow appears and we again remember the ancient scripture promise of heaven on earth.  As humans, we need to stay awake to the knowingness of beneath and through everything visible there is an invisible power of the "I AM" , the Divine Spirit within all creation.  We are a vital part of this universal energy.  Think and act blue skies ahead and trust in this beautiful plan for all.  Enjoy other wisdom teachings at the Rishis Institite of Metaphysics, 21933 Euclid Ave. 44117.  Call 216 486 7240

A Tabar

Retired mental health social worker and counselor.  Reiki Master with integrative therapies experience.   Current instructor at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics in Euclid, Ohio.

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Volume 9, Issue 8, Posted 9:04 AM, 08.04.2018