2 Issues on November Ballot

After several months of public discussion, debate and research, City Council has voted to place 2 ballot issues on the November ballot.   Unfortunately, Euclid, like many other cities, has continued to lose funds from the State which has placed us in a deficit budget position and made it impossible to address local capital needs.  

City Council and the Administration have reviewed multiple options, identified their pros and cons, and decided to bring 2 measures to the voters for their decision.  The 2 issues brought forward for a decision by the voters of Euclid are a proposed property tax for streets and a charter amendment regarding authority to change the income tax credit. 

2 Mill Streets Levy

What is it?  Property tax levy to pay specifically for re-paving, re-construction, repair of our city streets. 

Who pays it / What will this cost? It will be assessed to all City of Euclid property - residential and commercial.  Cost is based on value of the property.  Approximate costs are:

  • $50,000 home - $35 per year

  • $75,000 home - $52.50 per year

  • $100,000 home -$70 per year

How long? 5 year time frame

How much money will this bring in? Approximately $1.1 million per year

Charter Amendment to Give City Council the Authority to Adjust the Municipal Income Tax Credit

Ballot Language:  Shall Article II, Section 12, of the Charter of the City of Euclid be amended to allow for City Council to adjust the income tax credit from 100% to no lower than 50% by a majority vote of Council?

Summary of the proposed Charter change: The Euclid City Charter provides for a 100 % credit for income tax paid to another municipality.  This proposed Charter change would give City Council the authority to adjust the income tax credit from 100% to a rate between 50% and 100%.  Passage of the Charter change does not make a change to credit on its own, a future change would require a vote by City Council after the required public notice and hearings. 

If there was a change in the credit, who pays this?  If City Council were to change the credit later, Euclid residents with taxable income who work outside the City of Euclid would see an increase in the amount of income tax for which they are responsible.  The increase would be dependent on the credit and level of income.  Euclid residents who work in Euclid would see no change.  Euclid residents who are not required to pay income tax, would see no change.  Non-residents who work in the City of Euclid but live outside the City would see no change.

Please join us at one of the upcoming community meetings to learn more about why these are being proposed, the impact to you, and the impact to the City budget: 

  • Wednesday, July 25, 6:30 pm, Euclid City Hall, 585 E. 222 St.

  • Wednesday, August 8, 6:30 pm, Moore Counseling & Mediation, 22639 Euclid Ave.

  • Thursday, August 18, 6:30 pm, Our Lady of the Lake, 175 East 200 St.

  • Wednesday, August 29, 6:30 pm, HELP Foundation, 26900 Euclid Ave.

Kirsten Holzheimer Gail

By: Kirsten Gail and Charlene Mancuso

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