Let's Sit for Kids

Sherrie Zagorc's "Sit - Please and Thank You" Chair and Carole Mozeleski's "Giraffe" Chair for Kiddie City's " I Sit for Kids" Chair a T Auction.

We’ve been asked to stand for a variety of causes in the past several years.  In 2018 I propose that we SIT for our children.  Adult lives are so busy – running from place to place – that sitting down with the children in our lives has literally taken a back seat to our daily schedules.  Consider sitting with children – face to face – in close proximity – to eat a meal, play a game, help with homework and talk about the day.  Imagine how this simple, inexpensive habit of sitting down with a child could improve our valuable adult/child relationships!  Moms and dads, grandparents, friends and mentors – this act can work wonders.  By sitting down and concentrating on the child before you, you are validating that child and mentoring behaviors that will go a long way to teach important life skills that can last a lifetime.

At Kiddie City Child Care Community, we are working to create a Parents’ Center dedicated to the teaching and promoting of good parenting practices in our center families and in our community. To introduce this initiative, I am asking adults to make a commitment to “Sit for Kids” and to help both causes – the Parenting Center and a reminder to adults – I am creating a Kiddie City Chair a T Auction on the “Bidding for Good” website beginning in January.  I’m gathering “lonely” wooden chairs, painting them black, and asking community members to contribute their flair and creativity to decorate the chairs that will be auctioned.  We will auction one chair a month with the highest bidder receiving their chair to be placed in the kitchen, family room or wherever a reminder is needed for adults to SIT with the children in the household. A t-shirt with the “I Sit for Kids” reminder will be given to the artist and the buyer.   Kiddie City will receive the proceeds from the sale to create and maintain the Parenting Center.

If you would like to join me in “Sitting with Kids” here are some ways that you can help.  Do you have a wooden chair that you donate for use in the auction or would you like to paint a chair to be auctioned off?  Email me at kiddiecityeuclid@att.net or call me at 216-798-7089.   Do you need a beautiful wooden chair to remind you to sit with the children you love?  Check out the Kiddie City Chair a T Auction site and bid on a one of a kind creation.  In the new year, let’s take a stand for the children in our lives by embracing the motto “I Sit for Kids”.  

Sherrie Zagorc

Sherrie Zagorc is a co-founder, volunteer, and board member of Kiddie City Child Care Community in addition to being the chairperson of the E. 200th Street Stroll.

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Volume 8, Issue 12, Posted 10:03 AM, 12.08.2017