Euclid Bicyclist of the Month

July Bicyclists of the Month, Euclid residents Amelia Bartucci and Patrick Byrne.

We recognize Euclid residents Amelia Bartucci and Patrick Byrne as the July Bicyclists of the Month. We find the juxtaposition of their responses interesting.

Where do you enjoy riding? Is it for transportation, recreation, or both? Describe the experience.

A.  I enjoy riding locally. I am born and raised in the city of Euclid so I love to ride around the neighborhood. I mostly ride for recreation and to be outside. Riding a bike is very relaxing and it makes it easy to give a quick wave to any passer-by.

P. I enjoy riding everywhere possible.  Whether it's just around the neighborhood doing errands or going to a friends house.  The towpath trail thru cuyahoga valley national park is a great place to ride along with all of the Cleveland Metroparks that we are lucky to have so close by.  I really like riding down Lakeshore Blvd to Downtown, up MLK to Little Italy or if you haven't risen your bike over the Carnegie bridge to Ohio City give that a go sometime. 

Do you ride year round? How do you dress for the cold?

A. I do not ride year round as I am not that brave. But if I did, I would dress as if I was going to a football game.

P.I don't really ride that much in the cold weather but if I do you can't go wrong with under armor winter gear.  Also my Bern helmet has an insert I can take out which allows me to wear a winter hat underneath my helmet.

Do you ride your bike to work or school? Describe the experience.

A. I do not ride to work, though now that I am working in Euclid, I absolutely have the option to. Typically, I am dressed up for work so riding a bike would make it a little bit difficult.

P. I used to work at Heinens downtown on East 9th street and I would ride my bike to work everyday weather permitting.  What a great way to wake up in the morning.  Unfortunately, I was transferred to the Strongsville store and now my drive in a car takes longer then it took me on my bike to get Downtown.

If you could change or improve one thing about your cycling experience, what would it be?

A. I just wish more people would ride. It is such an enjoyable experience and it just makes me feel happy and free!

P.  I would like to change people's perception of bike riders like myself who ride in the street.  All we are trying to do is share a little piece of blacktop and arrive where we are going safely.  Remember we have every right to the road as someone in a car does.  

Why do you ride?

A. I ride for exercise and enjoyment. It's also not too strenuous on the body if you don't want it to be and you are constantly moving so you always feel like you're accomplishing something. It brings joy to myself and it allows me to bring smiles to anyone I can wave to while I am riding along!

P. I ride to stay young because I'd rather pedal somewhere on two wheels than drive somewhere on four wheels. Get out and ride.

In closing please consider the fact that a strong biking community produces significant social gains; improves overall health, reduces mental health problems, provides access to employment, significantly lowers household transportation costs, lowers air and noise pollution, and increases social cohesion. To be considered for Bicyclist of the Month, contact us at Now get on a bike and RIDE!

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 11:11 AM, 07.07.2017