Don't clean your house! Have your party at The Great Scott Tavern !!!!

We always celebrate Pam's birthday on June 23.  We just do.  It's the beginning of summer.  It's her birthday.  We love her.  We need to get together.  I'm not sure why, but we always get together for Pam’s birthday.  A month ago while swimming at the Euclid Y, we started discussing what to do this year.  That means, who wants to clean their house and prepare for 5 to 20 people? That’s enough to make you think twice.  

Then we started thinking about local restaurants that could handle us all on a Friday night?  Voila! The Great Scott Tavern!  I had been there a month or so ago and loved the new menu put together by Bob Edwardsen, the general manager and it was fabulous.

So I stopped into Great Scott to discuss this loosey goosey party we were dreaming up.  Gail Swingle, the party coordinator was so helpful and understood how flexible we would need her to be.  What if 20 people showed up?  What if there were only 5?  No problem, she assured me. When she asked what table arrangement we wanted, we decided to start with a large table for 12 then it could grow if more people showed up.  They are flexible!

On Friday the 23rd, 18 people showed up at 7:00 pm and the party began.  Everyone ordered what they wanted.   Some wanted to try the new cocktails created for the summer.  Other’s wanted red or white wine.  Someone, whose name will not be mentioned, only wanted ice tea.  That’s all right because no one had to act as hostess getting what every individual wanted.  Our most capable waitress was there to get whatever we wanted, and more of it when we felt like it.  I tried the Perfect Pear and the Blueberry Margarita cocktails.  Other people had a cosmo or even a specialty martini.  They were delicious and fun to try.  Our food arrived in a most timely manner and it was prepared to perfection.  Someone shared their  onion brick and spinach and artichoke dip.   Both were delicious. Someone else had the taco salad and had to take most of it home because it was so large.  I had my favorite mussels with frites, or French Fries.  My point is that everyone had exactly what they wanted to eat and drink and it was excellent!  No one had to clean their house, prepare all kinds of beverages and cook for 5 to 20 people. It was all wonderfully  done for us. 

So, when you are feeling that it is time to get a group of family or friends together, consider The Great Scott Tavern.  Ask to speak to Gail or Bob.  They will work with you to get you the space and the food and the good time for which you are looking.  And no one has to clean the house before or after everyone leaves! (or cook!)

Carolyn Tisi

I am a life long Euclid resident who retired from teaching in Cleveland 12 years ago.

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Volume 8, Issue 7, Posted 11:11 AM, 07.07.2017