The Parking Ban An Antiquated Ordinance

Euclid, to me, a great city.  And it's not the only suburb I've had the pleasure of being a resident.  I've lived in Parma, Richmond Hts, Fairview Park and Lakewood in the past.  As first ring suburbs go, it's pretty great.  And Euclid has a lot to offer.  I can't find fault with much! ....Except......

Euclid has a 2 am to 6am parking ban in residential neighborhoods.  Don't get me wrong, most suburbs do, and I understand the basis to the ordinance.  Usually it is due to keeping junk cars out of the neighborhood, give the streets a cleaning at night, make the neighborhood look nice.  I get it, I really do.

Now for some history.  Most first ring suburbs, Euclid included, were built for the most part prior to 1960.  Now, back in the days when these houses were built, they were built with a one lane driveway and a one car garage. Rationale is most Americans prior to 1970 had usually one car, and MAYBE a station wagon for mom.  Mom was usually home when dad came home, so he had the street side of the driveway, not the garage side.  All dad had to do was drop the transmission into reverse and he was gone.

That was 1960.  Today, even I have 4 cars attached to my household.  And I get REALLY tired of playing Leap Car every morning to get my car out to go to work.  I relegate two cars to the street at 7 am to get mine out.  I submit to you that these reasons for the parking ban have FAR outlived their usefulness and the ban is a nuisance.  And there are no alternatives.  Houses are too close to allow expansion of your driveway, and laying down gravel aside the driveway is illegal and ugly.  Times have changed too much and the driveways can't keep up with it.

If you really NEED a parking ban for whatever reason,  make it 8 am to 3 pm, when most people work, and the driveways can be used for parking.  If it is for the police to be able to see clearly our front yards at night,  I think you still can with a car parked on the street.  

Residents of Euclid,  let your opinions be heard. Does the 4 hours of an empty street really make up for the nuisance of Early Morning Leap Car?



Carl Lake

11 year Vet if tge US Navy, 11 years with the VA Medical Center, Cleveland; Married, live in Euclid. Member Navy League, Marine Corps League.

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Volume 5, Issue 4, Posted 3:32 PM, 05.14.2014