Euclid’s future is “Blowing In The Wind”

During a visit to Germany in 2003, I saw wind turbines that dotted the countryside in multiple areas. Most of these turbines were on shore. I thought that this was an interesting concept.

These turbines were not in a huge wind farm on hilltops, like the ones I had seen in San Luis Obispo, Calif. in 1985. If anyone wants to see the wind farm in San Luis Obispo, without visiting California, they can see them in the movie “Rain Man.” Either in the movie or live, that wind farm is a spectacular sight.

After I returned from that visit to Germany, I started thinking and talking about placing a few turbines in the Euclid area. Just about everyone I talked to thought I was crazy. Many Euclid residents just might remember me discussing them at city council meetings during the public comments. 

I am a visionary; and so many of my ideas have been far ahead of time and the thinking of most people. There are well-documented ideas that I have offered previously, that are now being considered for implementation. One such idea relates to these wind turbines. In 2005, I found out about the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force (GLEDTF) and started attending the monthly meetings as a guest. I continued attending the meetings and learning more about wind energy. I am now a member of the GLEDTF and am eager to move projects forward.

The demonstration turbine at Lincoln Electric is just that. It is a demonstration of how turbines can be a great energy alternative. Many other companies understand that and are ready to install turbines on their locations. With these turbines comes the need to have a place to manufacture and supply the parts for all of the new companies seeking to erect them. I passionately believe that it should be Euclid.

Euclid’s history of manufacturing makes it ideal for becoming the epicenter for manufacturing parts for wind turbines. Most of the turbines are being built with foreign parts made in foreign countries. Euclid already has a place, Blue Stone Industrial Park that is ideally located, between two railways, for manufacturing and shipping. Many wind industry people agree about this ideal location. It is also ideal for other alternative energy components manufacturing. These are components for solar panels, geo thermal equipment and electric car batteries.

A German company is currently seeking a location to set up shop, for manufacturing parts, in the United States. The two locations being considered are Northeast Ohio and a location in Michigan. If we do not do everything to ensure Euclid is competitive for selection, we will miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There are thousands of jobs and millions of dollars potentially at stake. The city that becomes first will have the advantage and will draw the companies to them. If Euclid misses this opportunity, there will not be another chance to be first or to become the manufacturing epicenter. We need to make it happen.

Rose M. Allen

Rose M. Allen is a 35-year resident of Euclid, Ohio.  she has been active in energy causes, health matters and politics and.    Rose is a registered pharmacist who wants to reduce the abuse and over-use of medications.

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Volume 2, Issue 5, Posted 7:08 PM, 07.09.2011