Perkins “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

Going to a local establishment and being greeted by your name is not the norm. Today’s fast food service and quick take outs have made personalization rare, that is until you become a Perkins regular and find a new method of old fashioned service. For those who’ve not been there, Perkins is located at 22780 Shore Center Drive in Downtown Euclid.

Adding to the comfort food is the ambiance created by owner and servers who know your name and your favorite choice from the menu; personal service for customers is an added treat.

Perkins Family Restaurant has been a local go-to spot for nearly 46 years. Home to various groups and social events, it is indeed a well known destination on Euclid’s map. Families, individuals and friends dine in or take out all knowing they are part of the tradition.

Owner, Joe Foster Sr., works the front of the restaurant, greeting customers as they arrive. Though he can still create a mean omelet, he now mingles with the guests and assures their comfort is guaranteed during the visit. Joe took the reins of the restaurant in the eighties and has not let up. His cheerful, watchful attitude assures that the customer is royalty while dining.

The menu is a full one and is geared for an all day breakfast or choices for lunch and dinner. Supportive salads are available for those watching their waistline. What is the favorite dessert? Without hesitation Joe answered, “the muffins of course.” Tempting to eat there, but more tempting to take home for later.

Countless groups hold their meetings at Perkins. The Euclid firefighters Buddy Line Auxiliary, according to Margaret and Hugh Phillips, has met at Perkins since 1979. On a recent Monday morning the retirees from the group held their monthly meeting, with hot coffee, good food and robust conversation creating a fun filled meal. The Buddy Line found their meeting spot where local retirees could enjoy both conversation and food. Marylyn Richlik, a member from Cleveland Heights, has enjoyed being a part of this group.

During the mid-sixties, young adults from the Cleveland East Deanery of Catholic churches came to Perkins after dances and bowling, and even held their Communion breakfasts there on a regular basis. The Euclid members came from St. Robert, St. Paul, St. Christine, St. William and Holy Cross parishes. For this group, one of the favorite menu items was the potato pancakes. While still on the menu today the recipe has been slightly tweaked and today’s pancakes contain no trans fats. They are, however, still as tempting as ever.

Restaurants do not receive fan letters often, but Joe was quick to share one letter from loyal customer Debbie Pierce. Debbie enjoys the pace of the restaurant and likes that she can take time to read her morning newspaper, even to checking the Obituaries making sure “she is not there.” The servers know her favorite spot and, if available, always make sure to seat her there. This is customized service in a hectic world.

Perkins receives a ****Brown Bag Award for service, menu, price and above all service. Make sure you stop in and enjoy.

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Volume 1, Issue 8, Posted 3:24 PM, 11.28.2010