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Rehab Center versus Home Care

“There’s no place like home.”  While Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was certainly right about this sentiment, there are definitely places that can provide a good substitute while getting you back on your feet, and back in your own front door.  Today’s seniors are forced to make a decision following an illness or a recent surgery.  They must decide whether they have the support and resources necessary to recover at home, or whether they need to enter a rehabilitation center temporarily to receive the necessary care.  Home care, while very appealing, can be more expensive, more restrictive, and more slowly paced then receiving care in a rehab center with skilled nursing care.  Rehab centers provide on-site, high level, round-the-clock nursing care, in addition to on-site physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, as often as necessary.  Rehabilitation centers can provide safety and privacy, while providing professional, compassionate care, exercise, appropriate nutrition, controlled medication, and social stimulation.  This enables residents to achieve their highest quality of life potential quickly, and safely, so that they can return home and resume their previous lifestyle.  Investigating local rehab centers BEFORE you need one enables you to make an informed, low pressure decision.  Call and research local facilities, such as Mount St. Joseph Rehab Center in Euclid, and ask for a tour and an introduction to the rehab staff to give yourself the best possible information before you need to make a decision about future care.                          

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Volume 7, Issue 6, Posted 10:44 AM, 06.11.2016

Senior Market - June 14th A Free Event of Food, Facts & Fun for Seniors

Fresh produce, cooking demos, nutritional information and a Registered Nutritionist is really nice when it is gratis? The Indian Hills Senior Community in Euclid, Ohio is getting just that with Greater Cleveland Food Bank direct educational and food support like one would typically expect at a Church or School, yet this is better because it is a senior community backyard.
Juanita Edwards, Activity Director, at Indian Hills Senior Community has been helping with events, programs and tireless dedication to seniors since 2008. She said this week in an interview,
“I am so excited it makes me even look good. After all, you are in a great place when you keep smiling from ear to ear. We have made a lot of new improvements in our community and granted we needed new things like flooring, roofs, gym equipment, and effective programs that AIY Properties has brought since they purchused us last summer but this event just makes the community feel special. We are on a roll.”

SENIOR MARKET - June 14thA Free Event of Food, Facts & Fun for Seniors
This community has a spirit that makes you smile even if you just stop in to visit to spread some good energy. Seniors are so often happy in spite of many many hardships they face day after day without letting on. Grace after all is putting a smile on your face when you don’t feel like it but doing a good dead can do it so naturally. If someone or a group would like to help with volunteering, food items or educational support please reach out to Juanita Edwards for more details.
Juanita Edwards

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Volume 7, Issue 6, Posted 10:44 AM, 06.11.2016

Bob's Corner

In life there will always be people who are better-looking, stronger, smarter and richer than you.   There will be people who have more things, people who are luckier and people who are more creative.  Truthfully, that doesn’t matter much because there is only one you, and that makes you infinitely valuable.

In all of human history there has never been, and there never will be, another you.  You are wholly unique.  One of a kind.  No one will ever have the exact same experiences.  No one else will know your particular thoughts and struggles.  And, no one else will have your many joys and successes. 

But, there are two things in life that can keep us from experiencing happiness; living in the past and comparing ourselves with others.  Both of these are a waste of your precious time.

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Volume 7, Issue 6, Posted 10:44 AM, 06.11.2016

THE WAY IT WAS: 50 Years Ago in Euclid

FEBRUARY  10, 1966 ….

           Swamped with orders  for jet  engine components, the TRW headquarters plant in Euclid reports that it has hired 2,100 new employees in the past seven months…. The story points out that a serious problem for most large industrial plants is the difficulty in finding qualified employees.  “Even the unskilled are in short supply,” notes Frank Jobes, manager of placement and development for the TRW plant, which established a new training center to prepare the influx of new employees for their jobs.

           The scarcity of  industrial workers is a nationwide issue, Jobes notes. “And our high schools are not preparing their students for these jobs.” …. (Hmmm, haven’t we heard that criticism in recent years as well?  And where is TRW headquartered today?  Not in Euclid, that’s for sure.)

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Volume 7, Issue 6, Posted 10:44 AM, 06.11.2016

Spring Into Exercise

Spring is the perfect time to increase your activity level after a long, sedentary winter.  Regular exercise is the most important thing that you can do to delay the aging process and remain healthy.

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Volume 7, Issue 5, Posted 5:03 PM, 05.05.2016

Bobís Corner

The future is rarely a sure thing.

That’s a tough lesson.  Life happens, people change, situations come up that you never dreamed of, we get older, loved ones die.  It can feel like you have no control.

I wondered how my friends at the Center viewed this, so I asked.  Many said that they have lived a good life, but they know they are on the downside of the hill.  It’s a reality that they see every day when they look into the mirror. 

When I talked with them about it, here’s the comments that I heard. 

-        Don’t take life too seriously….it’s not permanent.

-        Do good while you can.  In life, what goes around does come around.

-        I don’t have the time to grumble or complain.

-        I don’t know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future.

-        Dying is easy.  It’s living that’s tough.

Clearly there is a joy in the journey, and life has a strange way of bringing opposites together.  Stability and change, happiness and loss are all interwoven into the tapestry of a lifetime.  Most have learned to see beauty, even in difficulty.  They’ve found that what matters most isn’t our limitations,but what we can do to help others who share the walk with us. So, our lunch tables are filled with light hearted conversations.  Laughter erupts as older bodies play chair volleyball and do line dancing.  Smiles brighten faces when you see your friends, shoot pool and play cards or bingo.  Our Center provides a place for all of that.    

Yes, life is too short and full of twists and turns.  But in the end, it’s our relationships that provide meaning and support.  

Thanks for being part of Euclid Senior Programs.

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Volume 7, Issue 4, Posted 6:02 PM, 04.06.2016

Euclid Lakefront Community Center Computer Needs

We currently have 5 very slow computers, and one broken computer, in our computer room. Each of them is at least 11 years old. By today’s technology standards they are dinosaurs.We recently received the very generous donation of 8 computer monitors from the Elk and Elk Law Firm. That helps tremendously, and it gets us half way to our goal of replacing all of the computers/monitors in the computer room.
Do you know of a generous person, or company, that would be willing to donate 6 computer towers to the Center?

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 1:22 PM, 03.06.2016

Movie Day

Every Tuesday is Movie Day at the Center. Join us at 1:00 p.m. in the Library for popcorn and a movie. Sponsored by Euclid Senior Programs.

March 8th – Non-Stop

March 15th – High Society

March 22nd – St. Vincent

March 29th – The Quiet Man

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 1:22 PM, 03.06.2016

Bobís Corner

In separate conversations this week, three of our seniors complained of deep regrets in life. 

Let’s get this straight.  Absolutely everyone makes mistakes.  It’s part of being human and living your life.  Constantly beating yourself up over something that happened long ago, something you cannot change, is not healthy.  Guilt is good for one thing – changing behavior.  If you’ve done something wrong, make it right as best you can and don’t do it again.  Ruminating over a years’ old mistake only ensures that you will not enjoy the present moment.  And quite honestly, the present is the only place where you can find happiness.  Life is way too short to constantly dwell and reflect on your past errors.

So today, quit scratching the scab and let the wound heal.  Stay present to life and what is going on at this moment.  Breathe deeply, engage with those around you, and do something positive.  You may just find that peace of mind that you are seeking.

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 1:22 PM, 03.06.2016

Health and Fitness at the Euclid Lakefront Community Center

Chair Yoga-Mondays at 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. AC

Yoga – Thursdays at 9:00 a.m.

Annex Room $ 3.00 per class.

Billie Exercise Class – (Chair)

Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 a.m. – Computer Room

Line Dance  - Thursdays at 1:00 p.m.

Free Blood Pressure Checks

Tuesdays & Thursdays mornings 10:00-11:00 a.m. Please give your name to the volunteer and she will issue you a number.  Wait in the hallway until your number is called.  

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 1:22 PM, 03.06.2016

Euclid Lakefront Community Center Bus Trips

We are expanding!

We have started taking bus trips with the Wickliffe Senior Center.  The joint effort gets us a reduced cost (and even money back on the upcoming Rocksino trip).  Have an idea for a trip?  See Monica.  

Upcoming Trips

2016 – The year of the big bus trips with Wickliffe Senior Center.

March 14 – Rocksino/Hardrock trip.  Bus picks up here.  Cost is $25, but you get $20 in slot play.  Make checks payable to Wickliffe Senior Center.   Sign-up at the front desk. See Monica with any question

April 14 – Vera Bradley Factory Outlet Sale (limited seats)

April 26 – Presque Isle.

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 1:22 PM, 03.06.2016

Hearing Loss in Older Adults

“Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic condition in older adults and has important effects on their physical and mental health. Despite these effects, most older patients are not assessed or treated for hearing loss.” (According to Scientific Review and Clinical Applications, April 16, 2003, Bevan et. al.)  Living on a fixed income leads things like food and prescriptions to take precedence over hearing health.  Hearing loss also tends to be subtle and progress slowly over time, as a result it is a health condition that is many times overlooked or ignored.  To address hearing health in the Collinwood neighborhood the Rose Centers for Aging Well Lakeshore is partnering with CVS Audiology to host a FREE hearing screening day!  On Tuesday, March 8 starting at 12:30 we will have an audiologist on site to conduct hearing screenings, check hearing aid function, and to provide hearing aid cleaning.  Any questions please call the center directly at 216.373.1680. 

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 1:22 PM, 03.06.2016

Looking For a Cup of Coffee and Some CompanyÖ

Come visit our snack bar within the senior center located at 16600 Lakeshore Blvd. the Rose Centers for Aging Well.  Open Monday through Thursday starting at 10:00 am.  We serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate and snacks.  Best prices in Collinwood!  You might also meet some very interesting people.

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 1:22 PM, 03.06.2016

Interested in Doing Some Local Shopping

We have a Nearly New store within our senior center, Rose Centers for Aging.  This store sells gently used clothing, shoes, purses, hats and household items.  Not a single item is more than $3.  The official store hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am to 11:15 am.  However if you want to shop and can’t make it on those days or hours there is usually someone available to let people in to shop Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Come check us out! 

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 1:22 PM, 03.06.2016

Computer Lab

Don’t have a computer at home but need to use one occasionally? Please come visit our computer lab at the Rose Centers for Aging Well.  We have 7 computers, all with internet access, and a printer.  We can help you set up an e mail account, you can shop on line, research or just play games! 

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Volume 7, Issue 3, Posted 1:22 PM, 03.06.2016