Thank you Euclid Firefighters Local 337!!!

The Euclid City School District would like to express heartfelt gratitude for the generosity and kindness that the Euclid Firefighters Local 337 provided to our students through Operation Warm.  A special thanks to Operation Warm organizer and the Chief Steward, Bill Mastroianni of the Euclid Fire Fighters Local 337. 

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:22 PM, 12.12.2013

A Dramatic Success for Our Lady of the Lake

Our Lady of the Lake’s parish play performed to near sell-out crowds at the end of November. Nearly 900 people enjoyed performances of The Adventures of the Fearsome Pirate Frank, a dramatic comedy that featured more than 130 young members of the school and parish. Director David Malinowski, of Willoughby’s Fine Arts Center, brought out the best in all the performers, and all three shows received rave reviews. 

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:22 PM, 12.12.2013

NDA Models Service Learning

Homelessness - It’s something we’ve more than likely prayed we’ll never have to endure. Yet, for 14 dark and chilling hours, that’s exactly what a handful of New Day Academy (NDA) students volunteered to experience while staying overnight at a makeshift outdoor shelter.  So, why did these young boys and girls willingly brave the frigid night air with nothing more than a cardboard box for cover?  The answer to this question captures the very heart of "Shanty Town," a national program that New Day Academy has taken part in for several years to bring attention to the problem of homelessness.

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:22 PM, 12.12.2013

Haislah Signs With Notre Dame College

High-fives were flying after the first official letter of intent (this year) was signed by Euclid High School senior, Erin Haislah. Notre Dame College presented Miss Haislah with a full ride scholarship for basketball while family, friends, teachers, and administrators watched her sign her letter of intent.

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:22 PM, 12.12.2013

Twelve Days of Christmas at Forest Park

Forest Park Middle School's Student Council is sponsoring the first annual “Twelve Days Before Break” starting this Thursday, December 5th. The plan is to countdown to break with surprise prizes, treats and fun! The Student Council created the different daily activities to engage the students and finish the first half of the school year strong. What an amazing way to end 2013.   

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:22 PM, 12.12.2013

Central Middle School Wins PLAY 60

For the third consecutive year, John Yuha's physical education students have won the Fuel Up to PLAY 60 Challenge. Congratulations to Central Middle School for logging over 2.8 million minutes of play! The top female winner was D'Yani Calhoun and the top male winner was Reggie Moore. Both students along with 20 other top students got to participate in fitness activities with the four of the Cleveland Browns players. 

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:22 PM, 12.12.2013

COSI Visits Chardon Hills

A whole day full of science fun was brought to Chardon Hills by The Center of Science and Industry (COSI). The Investigating Energy program was designed to introduce students to the science of energy. Students had the opportunity to use an anemometer to test wind speed, built circuits by attaching a variety of components to a power supply, use blocks to transfer energy, and use the "Watts Up" meter to determine the amount of energy being used by household objects. The program was complete with vocabulary words like "biomass," "conductor," "geothermal,"kinetic energy," and "nuclear energy." Students also learned science process skills such as observing, inferring, hypothesizing, and predicting. Needless to say, the program left Chardon Hills students and staff very "energized" about science!

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:22 PM, 12.12.2013

Arbor First Grade Students Give THANKS

First grade students in Ms. Laurie Flanders' class at Arbor Elementary School put on a Thanksgiving play for family and friends. The character trait for the month of November was "GRATITUDE." Students learned how to share their gratitude. 

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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:22 PM, 12.12.2013

New Day Academy Fuels Future in Medicine with Internships at Cleveland Cliic

The basement is an endless maze of sterile-looking corridors. Massive robotic machines transporting mega-loads of supplies churn their way up and down the hallways. People wearing white lab coats pass by at a pace that conveys intensity. It’s a futuristic scene that bears resemblance to a science fiction movie teeming with suspense. 

But this is no movie. The stakes are much higher than the cost of a movie ticket. This is The Cleveland Clinic – known across the globe for its cutting-edge innovation. And navigating her way with ease through the esteemed hospital system is New Day Academy Junior, Julai Matthews, on her way to her next assignment.

Julai is part of NDA’s Career Internship Program with The Cleveland Clinic. It’s a partnership that has been in place for years and offers New Day Academy Juniors the opportunity to explore the medical field as a potential career possibility. Julai aspires to enter the field of medicine one day and finds the internship program offered by New Day Academy an invaluable resource. When asked what she most enjoys about her internship with The Cleveland Clinic, Matthews responds, “It gives me the chance to get real hands-on experience. I don’t think I’d be able to get this kind of experience anyplace else.”

Julai is just 1 of 9 NDA students who intern at the Clinic every Tuesday and Thursday, with round-trip transportation provided by New Day. Each student intern is assigned specific duties by Cleveland Clinic Volunteer Coordinator, Kevin Phipps. From transporting patients by wheelchair to delivering charts to physicians, Phipps keeps a masterful eye on the students’ activities, ensuring they are exposed to a full range of hospital procedures.

Apparently, it’s a partnership that has payoff for both New Day Academy students and The Cleveland Clinic. Phipps comments, “We really appreciate having the students. They pick up things quickly and they are a big help to us.”

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 1:09 PM, 11.11.2013

Trick-or-Treating at EHS

The halls were hallowed and the line was out the door for the annual trick-or-treating event at Euclid High School. Various organizations throughout the Euclid City School District decorated doors, donated candy, and volunteered to work the event. All of the money raised from ticket sales was donated to the Euclid Police Animal Shelter. This spooktacular event was organized by Mr. Nick Selvaggio and his criminal justice and crime scene classes.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.11.2013

Ss. Robert & William Catholic School An Evening of Learning: Cultures

The faculty, staff and students of Ss. Robert & William Catholic School cordially invite all to their second in a series of “An Evening of Learning.”  These popular evenings bring a fresh look to the traditional Open Houses that the school has hosted in the past.

On Monday, November 25, 2013, from 6:30-8:00p.m., in the school gym, the focus of the night will revolve around diversity and the topic of “Cultures.” Presentations will include a Living Museum where you will see our traditions come to life, Immigrant Projects, how Christmas is celebrated around the world, and a glimpse of how technology is used in the study of Religion. 

An interactive project “We Are Thankful For…” gives guests a moment to reflect on all the goodness that is around them.  Adults who attend the evening will have the opportunity to enter a free raffle to win a Thanksgiving Dinner from Bob Evans Restaurant.

Future Night of Learning Dates are planned for March 24, 2014 where the S.T.E.M. curriculum will be featured and May 14, 2014 where the Fine Arts will be highlighted.

Ss. Robert & William Catholic School is located at 351 East 260th St., Euclid.  Please call (216)731-3060 for additional details.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 1:04 PM, 11.11.2013

Our Lady of the Lake Visits Mary Mavec Opportunity School

What better way to spread some Halloween cheer, but to visit with neighbors! The seventh graders of Our Lady of the Lake did just that. The students walked down Lakeshore Boulevard to Mary Mavec Opportunity School in order to play some Halloween games and make a craft. The afternoon was filled with fun and laughter for everyone who was involved with the day.

A key objective in the religion curriculum for seventh graders is to offer service to others. The Our Lady of the Lake seventh graders did this by working hard in class to develop different Halloween activities that they could share with the Mary Mavec community. Some students created “Goblin Bowling” which was made out of recycled materials. There were also Halloween word games and guessing games too. One group of students even made many individual crafts, such as pumpkins, witches, and ghosts to help the clients put together. Still another group, created a Halloween version of the game Candy Land.  

The students were not only performing an act of service, but they had fun doing it. In fact, the seventh graders are already planning for the holidays!

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 1:06 PM, 11.11.2013

NDA Students Support Breast Cancer Awareness

New Day Academy’s 10th grade girls demonstrated their dedication to raising awareness of breast cancer by collecting donations from fellow students, and giving a voice to all those who’ve been affected by the disease. Collaborating with New Day’s Student Council, the girls hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness Day on Thursday, October 31.

Student, Chardelle Wills, who first thought of the idea, states, “I like helping people and since October is breast cancer awareness month I thought this would be a good way to raise money.” All students who donated in advance were allowed to wear pink shirts, socks, and accessories to support finding a cure for breast cancer. All proceeds will benefit breast cancer awareness. 

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 1:06 PM, 11.11.2013

New Day Academy Hits the Catwalk

New Day Academy students are proud to be participating in the 2014 Best of the Best Fashion Face-Off and Prom Expo. The annual event is a city-wide high school fashion competition with a grand prize of $1,000 awarded to the winning school. Beginning in 1997, the competition, which is open to both males and females, enables students to raise money for their prom, as well as show off their fashion style. The competition has previously brought together hundreds of students throughout the Cleveland and Akron areas.

While the final competition is not until March 2014, New Day Academy students have assembled as early as October to decide on a theme, select music, and the clothing that will be modeled. More than modeling, however, New Day students are learning the importance of teamwork, organization, and how to prepare for large scale events. Henderson Deal, the advisor for NDA’s team, had the New Day Academy models  first walk the runway at NDA’s YOU-nity Fest in June, an event that allowed the community at-large to view what NDA has to offer.

To date, NDA’s participants are Desiree Battle (11th grade), Kamille Harris (9th grade), Janasha Robinson (10th grade), Naija Roundtree (12th grade), and Brooke Sims (10th grade). Deal states that spaces for both male and female models are still available, however. Don’t forget to check the New Day Academy website at for more information on this exciting competition.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 1:08 PM, 11.11.2013

Bluestone Teacher Awarded "A Day Made Better" from OfficeMax

The teaching surprise of a lifetime happened for Bluestone Elementary School teacher, Cheree Mason as she received an award and $1,000 in school supplies from OfficeMax. The award program known as "A Day Made Better" is part of the Office Max National School Advocacy Program where principals nominate teachers who go above and beyond. Bluestone Elementary School's Principal, Linda Knight nominated Cheree Mason for this incredible award due to her dedication, excellence and love for her students. With family, friends, and colleagues surrounding her Mason humbly accepted this tremendous honor. 

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 12:04 PM, 10.14.2013

All That and a Bag of Chips!

Chardon Hills Magnet School teachers and staff are enjoying “catching” students going above and beyond in their attitude and actions with their All That and a Bag of Chips reward system.  

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 12:04 PM, 10.14.2013

NDA Students Find Career Clarity

“What field do you want to go into when you graduate?”

It’s a question that’s baffled high school students for decades. Unless a school develops creative ways of offering real-world learning, students oftentimes miss out on the opportunity to discover their true calling.

New Day Academy, located in Euclid, cuts clean through career confusion. The proof is in the internship opportunities they’ve developed for their students. What’s so special about the internships at New Day? Just ask the Assistant Dean of the Upper School (Grades 8 – 12), Chanelle Stepp, “It’s my job to make sure that my students feel inspired in school and in work. I’m always on the lookout to uncover opportunities that will enable my students to spread their wings and fly. No other school is placing their students in the organizations that we are.” 

Stepp is referring to such powerhouses as the Cleveland Clinic, the Justice Center, and the office of Cleveland’s own, Frank Jackson. This year, New Day Academy placed 9 of its students at the Cleveland Clinic where they will be learning a variety of skills including medical procedures as well as office operations.

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 12:04 PM, 10.14.2013

NDA Celebrates Academic Excellence

New Day Academy’s Middle and High School, located in Euclid, recognize their Student of the Month as well as those students whose academic achievement sets a standard of excellence. Congratulations!

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 12:04 PM, 10.14.2013

NDA Faculty Grows

Join New Day Academy in welcoming the newest additions to its faculty:

Mary Colan – Kindergarten

Charles Hayward – 4th Grade

Elizabeth Couture – High School Algebra and Statistics

Warren Franklin -  Electives

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 12:04 PM, 10.14.2013

NDA Salutes Grandparents

Did you know that President Carter initiated Grandparent’s Day as a national holiday in 1978? It’s true. He’d set aside the 1st Sunday after Labor Day exclusively to honor the unwavering dedication of our “family pillars”. All these years later, President Obama agrees, “I call upon all Americans to take the time to honor their own grandparents and those in their community.” New Day Academy did just that! On September 9, faculty, students, and administration came together to celebrate Grandparents Day in NDA style!  Lower school students, grades K – 4, read poems of praise, showed off their alphabet skills, and made gifts to present to their loving grandparents…all to say, “We love you!”

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 12:04 PM, 10.14.2013

Sports Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees

The Annual Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony/Banquet will be held on Thursday, September 19 at Tizzano’s Party Center, 1361 East 260th Street. Doors open at 6:00 p.m., dinner at 7:00 p.m. and the ceremony begins promptly at 8:00 p.m.

This year’s inductees are:

                Don Shisila                                                   Class of ‘68

                Rod Sullivan                                                  Class of ‘69

                Ellen Buck McKernick                                     Class of ‘80

                Eric Goulde                                                   Class of ‘81

                Clayton Cunningham                                      Class of ‘96

                Delvona Oliver                                               Class of ‘99

                Tony Basalla                                                  Class of ‘01

Tickets are still available:  Adults $30.00    Children under 12 - $15.00

Contact Joe Mayer, Euclid School Alumni Association 216.797.7895 or

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 2:06 PM, 09.12.2013

PTA Welcomes Kindergartners with Backpacks

The Class of 2026 was welcomed to the Euclid City School District with a backpack full of supplies courtesy of the PTA. A special thanks to all of the PTA members and donors who helped make this possible.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 2:08 PM, 09.12.2013

#EuclidCitySchools Like You Have Never Seen Them Before!

Keeping up with technology has become quite a challenge in today’s world with new devices, new forms of social media, and new apps that can do things like close your garage door. Information is literally at your fingertips and now Euclid City Schools is too! With the touch of a button on your smartphone, you can download the Euclid City Schools Mobile App, which brings you up to the minute news, pictures, videos, social media feeds, and events. The app is free and available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Simply search, “Euclid City Schools” in the search tab.

While you are checking your Facebook, check out all eight of the Euclid City Schools’ Facebook Pages. Each building has their very own page, so that we can show you all the growing, learning, and exciting events that happen in our buildings everyday. Whether it is the 5th grade Chocolate Emporium, the 3rd grade Living Wax Museum, or the Dancing Classrooms Grand Performance, you can keep up and share pictures and videos with family and friends. Arbor, Bluestone, Chardon Hills, Shoreview, Central, Forest Park, EHS, and the Early Learning Center are all waiting for your “like!” Simply type in the school name “Arbor Elementary School” and look for the big yellow block letter “E” with the blue background.

If you happen to be tweeting about the weather or the terrible traffic you just ran into on the highway, take a minute to check out Euclid City Schools’ twitter feed @euclidschools. Follow us for honors, schedule changes, and lots of other information in 140 characters or less.  Sometimes you can even find a tiny URL that will link you to our YouTube page! Head on over to to watch board meetings and special projects like our “We Believe” video made for our awesome Sophomores as they faced Ohio Graduation Testing.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 2:13 PM, 09.12.2013

High "5" for EHS AP Students

The following students scored a “5” (highest possible score) on the indicated AP Exam at the end of last year:

Rayshaun Bennett (US Gov’t)

Aaron Hoch (US Gov’t)

Emma Larive (US Gov’t)

Samantha Lisy (US Gov’t, Calculus AB)

Congratulations also to Susan Withers (Gov’t) and Denise Palermo (Calculus), the teachers who structured their preparation and course work. We are Panther Proud!


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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 2:15 PM, 09.12.2013

The "Tip of the Iceberg" at Our Lady of the Lake

A fun thing our school does to wrap up the summer is the Ice Cream Social sponsored by our PTO. We opened our school year with a Magazine Drive. Our final day to turn in magazine drive orders is September 13, 2013. It is not too late to order from a school student.

We have an awesome Beginner’s Band and Advanced Band. We often have concerts throughout the year.

On September 19th we will begin a special after-school program called Young Rembrandts. It is an opportunity to explore art beyond our classroom curriculum. It is an hour-long 6 week program to develop drawing and artistic skills.

We are already looking forward to our S.T.E.M. week.  S=Science; T=Technology; E=Engineering; M=Math. During S.T.E.M. week, we do many fun, educational activities.

PTO  will sponsor a 7th and 8th Grade Night to look at the various high school options. We are lucky to have such a strong and supportive parent organization.

This is just the “tip of the iceberg” as we begin our school year at Our Lady of the Lake School.

Sebastian Haase, Erin Osborne, Claire Roland, are 8th grade Our Lady of the Lake students who gathered at lunch to put together school news. Look for more from them in the future.


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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 2:17 PM, 09.12.2013

Ss. Robert and William Catholic School Introduce their "Nights of Learning"

The new school year has begun at Ss. Robert & William Catholic School. With 400+ students on campus, life is vibrant and the faculty, students, and parents are partnering to make this a very successful school year.

In an effort to bring awareness to the creativity and learning that is taking place within these walls, the school has scheduled four “Nights of Learning” throughout the school year. They are free and open to the public.

On Monday, September 30, 2013, from 6:30-8:00p.m., the first of this series is being held. “A Night of Learning:  Celebrating the Art of Reading and Writing,” will showcase and recognize the art and beauty of reading and writing. We believe literacy and communication are vital skills in the 21st century and we wish to share some of the highlights of what we do, in order that you, too, can share in our passion of reading and writing.

Included in the evening will be student presentations and interactive activities. A Book Fair which is being hosted by Usborne Books and Scholastic, will round out the event. You will have the opportunity to purchase quality items at a reasonable price.

Other “Nights of Learning,” are scheduled as follows: A “Night of Learning: Social Studies & Cultures,” Monday, November 25, 2013, “A Night of Learning: S.T.E.M.,” Monday, March 24, 2014, and the last session will be held on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 and will feature, “A Night of Learning: Fine Arts.”

Ss. Robert and William Catholic School is located at 351 East 260th St., Euclid.  Please call 216.731.3060, for additional details.

Maureen Frydl assisted with this article.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 2:19 PM, 09.12.2013

St. Vitus Adult Slovenian School opens for Fall

The St. Vitus Adult Slovenian School is beginning its 2013-2014 Slovenian language classes on September 14, 2013.

Classes are scheduled on two Saturdays each month from 9:15 to 11:45 a.m. and will continue through May 24, 2014.  Location is at St. Martin de Porres High School (formerly St. Vitus School), 6111 Lausche Avenue, Cleveland.

Three levels are taught –

  • BEGINNING – New material from Slovenia with emphasis on everyday conversation. Textbook is up-to-date.
  • INTERMEDIATE – for students who have some knowledge of the language. Continuation from the beginning class using a newly published textbook. Continued conversation.
  • ADVANCED – for those who have a speaking knowledge of Slovenian and would like to have further knowledge in reading and writing. Lessons include textbook study along with general information about customs and culture of Slovenia.

Tuition is $50 per semester. Textbooks are purchased separately from the instructor.

For information call Lillian at 216.289.7253 or Majda at 440.255.1178 or email Lillian at

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:44 PM, 08.09.2013

Varsity Chorale Wants to Wash Your Car!

With all of the rainy days and the heat this summer, our cars are looking a bit dirty. On August 18th Varsity Chorale can solve this problem! Two car washes will be held at the Euclid Dunkin’ Donuts on Saturday August 18th and Sunday, August 19th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. All funds raised will go directly back to Varsity Chorale to help pay for costumes, transportation, and a choreographer. Varsity Chorale hopes to see the community come out and show their support. 

“What is the Varsity Chorale?” you say. Well, the Euclid Varsity Chorale is the award-winning show choir at Euclid High School. During the school year they travel to compete, as well as sing, at the Friday night football games and other community events. Under the direction of Shauna Ross, these students work hard throughout the school year on their elaborate 25-minute show and your donations will help make their 2013-2014 show be spectacular. So, if your car is a mess or just a tad dirty, come on out and these students will you have your car singing a clean tune!

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:50 PM, 08.09.2013

Ss. Robert and William Catholic School honors Fatherhood

The Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative hosted their 9th annual Fatherhood Conference on Friday, June 14, 2013 at the Wyndham Hotel. As part of this initiative, a student essay contest was held to encourage the Celebration of Fatherhood.  This annual forum was created specifically to promote healthy father-child relationships, address the social problems that result from “father absence” and strategize as to what we must do, as a community, to ensure that every child has a dad in his or her life. 

The Cuyahoga Jobs and Family Services sponsors this event and asks children to write about a father-figure in their lives.  Mrs. Maureen Frydl, middle school Language Arts teacher at Ss. Robert & William Catholic School, felt this was a great assignment for students. “I perceived this as a unique opportunity for students to think about this specific relationship and then to genuinely express their thoughts and feelings regarding parenting,” states Frydl. She went on to say that, “We were able to discuss our views regarding these influential relationships in our lives. Many students realized the sacrifices that their parents and guardians were making on their behalf.”

All students who submitted an essay received a Certificate of Participation. Several were given the opportunity to read their essays and present their ‘honored’ father with an award.

Congratulations to these four SRW students who were recognized as regional winners. 

Jenecya Wood, Leah Stanoch, Arianna Wallace , and A’Diva Warren  

Mrs. Maureen Frydl was an additional contributor to this article.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:50 PM, 08.09.2013

NDA prepares class of 2014 for college success

At a time when most students were trading in their book bags for beach bags, four college students believed their summer was better spent preparing the next wave of New Day Academy Seniors for college. The students, all graduates of New Day Academy, ventured back to their alma mater to participate in a panel discussion and offer tips on college-readiness. The panel was the brainchild of faculty member, Elliot Nicely, who played an integral role in securing scholarship funding for the students.  

Panel participants included: Kouric Calhoun, currently attending Akron University; Ashley Welch of Baldwin Wallace; De’Aja Wade of Ursuline College; and Danielle Jackson of Xavier University.  

The NDA Panel offered this advice to the Class of 2014:

1.  Take Advantage of Free Money:

There are many, many organizations that offer scholarships for qualifying students. A little research goes a long way to uncover those funding sources. The Administration at New Day Academy works very closely with its students and parents in securing scholarship funding. Never give up due to the cost of tuition! There is money out there.

2.   Don’t Procrastinate on Admission:

Preparation should begin no later than your junior year. The college admission process consists of many tasks and each one takes a good amount of time. Whether you’re filling out an application, writing entrance essays, or gathering references – allow yourself, and those who will be assisting you, enough time so as to alleviate stress and meet your application deadline. 

3.   Stay Organized:

In large part, college success depends upon your ability to juggle multiple tasks effectively and on-time. Keep a notebook of all the tasks that you need to accomplish and cross them off as you tackle them. Breaking your larger tasks into smaller, more manageable goals, will keep you well ahead of the game.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:51 PM, 08.09.2013

New Day Academy: August Calendar

New Day Academy – August Calendar

New Day Academy is driven by providing a truly exceptional learning experience for young boys and girls in the following ways:

Rigorous K-12 Academics. Life Skills Learning. Dedicated Faculty. College Preparatory Curriculum. Character Development.

Visit us at any one of the upcoming events to learn why New Day Academy is a World-Class School:

OCSS Street Festival. Monday, August 5th from 10am–2 pm, East 17th St. (Between Payne and Superior)

Parent Information Meeting Thursday, August 8 from 5:30 pm–7 pm, Wickliffe Library, 1713 Lincoln Rd, Wickliffe OH 44090. Call 216-797-1602 to reserve your seat!

Parent Information Meeting, Wednesday, August 14 from 5:30 pm – 7 pm, Imani Church,1502 E. 260th St., Euclid, 44132. Call 216-797-1602 to reserve your seat!

The Euclid YMCA Back-to-School Rally, Friday, August 16 from 5pm–7pm, Euclid YMCA, 631 Babbitt Rd. Euclid, 44123.

Great Lakes Mall Back-to-School Family Event, Saturday, August 17 from 11am – 1pm, Great Lakes Mall, 7900 Plaza Avenue in Mentor.

New Parent Orientation Monday, August 19th from 6pm–8pm, Shore Cultural Center–Community Room, 291 East 222nd St., Euclid 44123.

Open only to parents of enrolled students.

See you there!

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:51 PM, 08.09.2013

New Day Academy promotes summer work programs for students

June 13 may have been the last day of school, but for several New Day Academy (NDA) high school students, it was just the beginning of real-world learning. Through liaisons with Cleveland Youth Opportunities Unlimited and Central State University’s Summer Transportation Program, NDA sponsored 10 students in two hands-on work programs that took place over summer vacation.

Both programs align seamlessly with the career readiness curriculum at New Day Academy. The curriculum consists of highly-focused business courses that allow students to explore various career options, develop relevant business skills, and network with influential decision-makers. The curriculum is designed to prepare NDA students for success by offering them a competitive edge in the workforce.

Youth Opportunities Unlimited has been working with youth for close to 30 years. Through their summer learning program, teens are able to learn first-hand about various career opportunities, as well as learn the skills they’ll need to obtain a job…and keep it.

The Summer Transportation Institute at Central State University is a FREE, 4-week program that introduces high school students to a variety of opportunities available in the transportation industry.

Approximately thirty rising ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students receive full scholarships to participate in the four-week summer program.

New Day Academy, a K-12 school located in Euclid, was founded in 2004 by Mr. Terrance Walton. Walton, former Principal of Hope Academy, founded NDA on the premise that all children should have access to a world-class education. Integrating rigorous academics, life skills learning, and a comprehensive business readiness curriculum, New Day Academy inspires its students to discover their full potential and uncover their true vocational calling.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:52 PM, 08.09.2013

Are You Ready For Back-To-School?

Besides the general school supply lists and start times there is more to getting ready for back-to-school. This year we want to help you and your student get ready. We have found some fun tips and tricks to get you and your student ready for back-to-school.

We compiled 5 easy ways to beat the back-to-school blues that your students may be feeling as the school year approaches:

DRESS for success

Back-to-school can be more fun with some new clothes for your students. Set aside a budget to dress your student in latest school appropriate apparel. Going back to school in style helps to kids excited about the upcoming year!


If your student has a desk at home it may have become cluttered throughout the summer. Takes some time to prepare a clean and non-distracting workspace together for your student.

Set a schedule

We know that in the summer we are more relaxed with schedules and routines. A few weeks before going back to school it is good to start getting a good night’s sleep and getting prepared to wake up early. To get your student into a routine of going to bed earlier ask them to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than they have been and increase by 15 minutes each night.  So if your child has been going to sleep at 11:00, ask them to go to bet at 10:45 the first night, then 10:30 the next night and so forth until you reach the set bedtime.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 2:53 PM, 08.09.2013

Cooperation, Curriculum and Caring are the Hallmarks of the Euclid Cooperative Preschool

Choosing a child's first educational experience can be a daunting task for new parents. The Euclid Cooperative Preschool, 21000 Lake Shore Boulevard, provides children with the educational enrichment to be lifelong learners by fostering their curiosity in an environment that nurtures growth and exploration. With classes for 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds and Pre-K students, the Euclid Cooperative Preschool is a great option for parents who want to be involved in their children's early educational experience.

By definition, a "cooperative" preschool allows parents to be directly involved in their children's education. By volunteering in the classroom, serving on committees and planning events and field trips, parents observe and contribute their own talents and gifts. One Euclid Co-op parent notes, "By being a parent helper in the classroom, you see what goes on and the progression of skills that your child is learning."  As part of a cooperative community, children meet great friends, and parents also have the opportunity to get to know each other. Another parent comments, "It is a great place to meet like-minded parents who are involved in their children's education and overall development."

The Euclid Cooperative Preschool utilizes a play-based curriculum that follows the standards of Early Childhood Learning.  Children are encouraged to explore their interests while developing necessary skills for kindergarten. Preschool Director, Donna Sudar notes, "Our teaching staff understands the academic expectations of today’s preschools. We work hard to prepare developmentally appropriate lessons that prepare our students for kindergarten and beyond." From building an igloo made out of plastic milk cartons to exploring Cleveland's Rockefeller Greenhouse through a scavenger hunt, the Euclid Cooperative Preschool makes learning fun.

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Volume 4, Issue 7, Posted 3:06 PM, 08.09.2013

A Look Back on the Euclid City Schools Child Development Center

On August 16, 2013, the Euclid City Schools Child Development Center will close. The Center was opened in September of 1978 by the Euclid Board of Education. The Board had insight at that time on the importance of Early Childhood Education. The school was initially located at the Russell Erwine School on East 246 Street. The school began with a small number of students who attended full time preschool five days per week. It soon blossomed to include part time preschool and then a Latch-Key program. The student body included students ages 2 ½-12 years of age and quickly grew larger due to the number of parents returning to the work force. 

After many years the school was relocated to the Benjamin Franklin School on Wilmore Avenue for approximately eighteen years. The center then was moved in October of 2012 to Memorial Park School on Fox Avenue after merging with the TOTS and TYKES public preschool programs.

We have had the support of so many of our parents over the years that I would like to personally thank all of our families for entrusting their children in our care. We have seen so many of our students achieve greatness in their educational journeys.

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Volume 4, Issue 6, Posted 6:32 PM, 07.03.2013