Kiddie City Is Here for the Long Term

PreSchool 3 Children on a Garden Bug Hunt

     It is our commitment to the City of Euclid to continue the tradition of quality early education at the former Lincoln Elementary school building. We are planning for the increased demand for childcare services by renovating more classrooms at our site on E. 206th Street.  With additional classrooms, Kiddie City will now accept more students ages 6 weeks to 5th grade to accommodate parents and their children in navigating the new school day configurations. An investment has been made in an online communication system – 1Core – with great features to make communications between staff and parents almost effortless. Transportation services for before and after school and field trips will also be available for our enrolled children this school year. To set up an appointment to discuss enrollment and programs, please call 216.481.9044 and talk with Dayna White, executive director, or Charlee Robinson, administrative assistant.

      We follow strict guidelines for children and their families to keep our children and staff as safe as possible from the minute they arrive at the center in the morning. Staff and children’s temperatures are taken upon arrival and staff wear clean smocks daily over their uniforms and washed nightly at Kiddie City to minimize transferring illness to their homes and families.  Masked parents drop off a child at the door and a masked staff member takes the child to their classroom and assists in hand washing to start their day.  Our smaller student to staff ratio allows for each classroom to be self - contained and function safely around the building inside and outdoors. Catered USDA lunches and our breakfasts and snacks are served in each classroom to continue our safe distancing throughout the day.  Hand washing done frequently, masks worn appropriately, and prompts to remember six feet distances are seen frequently in the building throughout the day.

     The creative ways we educate through play continues despite our many restrictions.  Raised bed gardens are flourishing in the courtyard playground and provide informal science lessons for students. School agers are collecting plastic caps to purchase a Green Tree Recycling “Buddy Bench” but learning math and ecology during their project. Toddlers are playing in their individual dishpan “water tables” and cereal “sand boxes”.   Mr. Tom Evert of DancEvert continues his work virtually with our children for our Ohio Arts Council grant project and Miss Carol from the Euclid Public Library continues to “visit us” online with literacy activities.  Neighborhood walks once a week give one class at a time a great fieldtrip to Mrs. Z’s front sidewalk at the former Kiddie City building at the corner of E. 200th Street and Wilmore Ave. for a fun art project.

     Thank you, Board of Directors Meg McGarry, Angelique King, Vicki Ratliff, Madelyn Otcasek Adamission, Joel Barron, Tom Evert, and Sherrie Zagorc for your wise counsel to Kiddie City throughout this time and into the future as we negotiate the purchase of our building from the Euclid School District and renovate the facility to provide a safe and comfortable school for our children far into the future. Contact us (216.481.9044) if you would like to join with us in our nonprofit’s mission to continue a great tradition of quality early childhood education for children in Euclid and surrounding areas.

Sherrie Zagorc

Sherrie Zagorc is a co-founder, volunteer, and board member of Kiddie City Child Care Community in addition to being the founder and chairperson of the E. 200th Street Stroll.

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Volume 11, Issue 8, Posted 6:26 PM, 08.10.2020