Are You an Auto Potato?

Did you ever ask yourself- am I an “Auto Potato” ?
Now  if you answer yes to several of these questions it will dawn on you that “yes! I AM an “Auto  Potato!” And you will realize you have joined one of the largest undisclosed clubs  in existence  I haven’t heard of any “Auto Potato” Clubs around - but  you never know.. one might appear out of the blue when you least expect it! Maybe YOU would like to START an “Auto Potato” club. Let me know and I’ll help promote it and before you know it - it will be HUGE ! You can have virtual or live meetings - your choice!

Do you love & cherish your car?  Do you faithfully take Horace Honda in for his regular oil changes? Do you make sure you LOCK Horace before you enter your home? After all, he doesn’t want to be snatched away by some nefarious individual in the dead of night! Nor do you want to lose him! Hopefully you check your tires pressure regularly.

Do you get excited when you hear about another auto show and immediately make plans to attend ?
Like me - did you ,too, grow up going to stock car  or new races?., where these ancient clunkers Or modern marvels  speed around the race track with wild abandon! Maybe YOU DROVE one of these new cars or  “ancient clunkers”! If you said yes to THIS question, that AUTOMATICALLY qualifies you as a “auto potato”!

As the “original“  “Permanent Bathroom Fixture”= PBF - or Potty Potato -a name I inherited living in the dorm at college (Spending an unBELIEVABLE Length of time in the community powder Room ) I can see some similarities in bring a PBF - potty potato and auto potato! Reflecting back on others in my family with potty potato (aka PBF,)  characteristics I have surmised that I must have inherited the PBF gene. Totally out of my control!
Like the “potty potato “ - the “auto potato” thinks that his beloved car is his “little home away from home!” We like to relax in our auto sanctuary.
Being admittedly an “auto potato” I LOVE ( and I bet YOU do too) go to a park and before or after my walk - just SIT in my car and look at the trees , listen to the leaves rustling, listen to the birds tweet, and LOOK at the Creek or Lake if one is around. I bet you, too, like to  sit in your car and check your smart phone for texts, Facebook postings or emails! Or you might just dive into that book you’ve been chomping at the bit to read!
Do you regularly study the latest “Consumer Report” magazine to find which auto is JUST the right one for you? Maybe you go to your favorite car dealer and ask to take a test drive!  Do you too, LOVE to “wheel & deal “ with the various salesmen at different auto dealers?

I bet a lot of previously undiagnosed “auto potatoes” can now say proudly  “ YES! I too, am an “auto potato!” Congratulations!
Loving Blessings in Jesus,
My Lord & Saviour since 1981,
Nancy Mihalick 

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Volume 11, Issue 7, Posted 4:52 PM, 07.06.2020