How do you view it?

We sit in front of the tv and watch the numbers rise.  Each day more are sick and dying.  The virus has us in self-preservation mode, with most staying home and only leaving for necessities.  It is wise.

Everyone is going through this, yet reactions are quite different.  Some are becoming anxious and depressed while others are finding ways to thrive.  Same circumstance, different outcomes.  Why?  Maybe it’s not exactly the right thing to ask.  The real question is, how are you going to respond? 

Please remember, you change the experience of life by how you view it.  You see on the outside what you feel on the inside.

Many of us experienced some deeply troubling times in life, and we’ve created intense ways of coping.  Our survival mode may include non-stop worry, withdrawal, self-medication, or any number of unhealthy adaptive behaviors which don’t serve us well.  There’s a better way. 

Take responsibility for your feelings.  Do not blame other people or the circumstances.  You have control over how long you hold-on to anything, including fear of this virus.  Don’t allow scary thoughts to run your life. It is human nature to be frightened by things you don’t understand.  It’s normal, but don’t shut down.  Find out the facts.  Fear often revolves around thoughts of losing something valuable, so learn how to adequately protect yourself and your family.  You do have a lot of control over exposure to this illness.  Take charge.  Be safe.  You’ll feel better.

This is the nitty gritty of life.  It’s the part you really don’t want, but have to live through.  Make no mistake, this will end.  Use this time for interior growth. 

Choose to thrive!

Bob Payne, manager

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Volume 11, Issue 5, Posted 5:48 PM, 05.07.2020