State of the City Recap

Written by Kristal Grida

 As I write this summary, the wind is blustery and the lake effect snow is in full effect!  There was however a bright and cheery hour this afternoon when Mayor Kirsten Gail shared her ‘State of the City’ at the Euclid Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  This was an impressive recap of 2019 and glimpse into 2020 plans!  I would love every resident to hear this presentation so they too can be proud of what’s been happening in the City of Euclid!  You can view the video on the Mayor’s page at

 Mayor Gail presented her “Top 10 Reasons to be Proud”!  So many things are moving forward that we don’t really see.  We drive the same route to and from work, we participate in the same weekly events and unless there’s something as large and publicized as the new Amazon Fulfillment Center or the groundbreaking Lakefront Trail, we may have missed some great events and development within our 10sq mile home!

 Have you noticed the:

 Repairs to Infrastructure – East 222 St has been completely redone along with new sidewalks and driveway aprons!  The Mayor spoke about the increase in the gas tax that will provide funds to focus on side streets!

 Sound Fiscal Management – Many of you may know we’ve joined the Ohio Checkbook Initiative so residents can view our financials at any time!  We also received the Auditor’s Award of Excellence for work well done in the finance department!

 Beautification of Euclid – Over 1,000 trees have been planted since Mayor Gail took office!  Her commitment to maintaining and growing our tree canopy is recognized locally and regionally!  Keep Euclid Beautiful continues to support any business or resident group that would like to join in community clean-ups!  The Annual Big Clean planning is underway for this year’s event on April 25th!

 Improvement in Housing –Housingvalues increased again for the 8th year in a row!  Permits for both residential and commercial projects continue to trend upwards and we’re now seeing new housing being built!  There will be a Community Open House for one of our newest builds at 18930 Pasnow on March 27th!  Stop by to check out this open floor plan and see the possibilities!

 Strong and Effective Safety Forces – The Euclid Police Department and the Euclid Fire Department responded to a record number of calls for 2019.  The Mayor’s Office continues to receive positive feedback from residents on the level of service and new community partnerships.  Engagement opportunities were expanded so residents can learn more about our safety forces and our men and women in uniform can learn more about our residents.

Growth in the Euclid Economy – The aforementioned growth in the number of commercial permits have been a result of new businesses choosing Euclid as their home and significant expansions for companies that have been the backbone of Euclid for a number of years.  The choice of this investment by our businesses shows confidence in this economy and our mayor and her administration. 

Glance through these photos.  Do you see something or someone you recognize?  Are there things you’re proud of as a Euclid resident?  Now that you’ve read our story, let us know yours.  Email the Mayor at 

Kristal Grida

Assistant to the Mayor over Neighborhood Engagement, Special Projects, Building and Housing Department

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Volume 11, Issue 3, Posted 5:25 PM, 03.09.2020