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Just about everyone uses this time of year to set goals and start out on new ventures. The problem with new beginnings is that you often rely on old methods. If your plans didn’t work with your scheme then, why should they work now? Are you going to the same pool of friends, acquaintances or resources to get advice? Are you rehashing the same questions about life and purpose you’ve struggled with for the last decade? Well, it’s time for something new. Clear out your head-fog. Get clarity with your vision. Set a trajectory for iterative short-term successes. Get started!

You probably have a wealth of ideas idling, waiting to manifest as something wonderful. You just need to know what to do. Do your homework! Investigate. Find someone doing what you want to do. You are not going to copy their road to success. You can’t. Your skills and talents are unique. Your skills and talents distinguish you from everyone else. Look at how someone else brought their ideas to fruition. Use it as a case study. Keep a journal of your progress. Then network. Make your networking efforts laser sharp. Find a group (in-person or online) that truly speaks to your interests. Then settle in. Viable relationships are the key to opening doors and solidifying opportunities.

Finally, be willing to give of your skills and talents to help others achieve their goals. When you are in the right “pond”, your helping efforts will be appreciated. Be a giver. Find a group that needs your brand of “perfect” and give it generously. The outcome will astound you. You will have opportunities to grow in expertise. You will have opportunities to nurture valuable relationships. You will have opportunities to build vibrant networks of like-minded individuals with whom to collaborate. You have the answer!

Deb Dobbs

I am a Consultant and Life Coach for Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking. Reach me at

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Volume 11, Issue 2, Posted 5:53 PM, 02.05.2020