Advent Acts Link Us Together

The school theme this Advent was “Advent Acts Link Us Together.” Each day the students were challenged to complete a different random act of kindness. Each time a faculty or staff member witnessed them succeed in an act of kindness, the students earned a “link” to add to the chain. The students also earned links for making a monetary donation to the SRW Giving Tree Project. The students were encouraged to do extra chores at home to earn money or to sacrifice their snack/ice cream money from lunchtime to donate. After the first two weeks of Advent, the chain circled the entire Upper Hall more than two times around and over $775 was collected! Our SRW students are clearly “linked” to each other and to our parish family!

Nathan Raddell

Martha Dodd

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Volume 11, Issue 1, Posted 5:12 PM, 01.12.2020