Crime Prevention for the Holidays

The holidays are here and we're ready to celebrate!  Euclid Police remind you to take the time to target harden your home and reduce the reward so hopefully thieves won't have an opportunity to steal and will leave empty handed.  Here are some crime prevention tips specifically for the holidays.  Have a safe and enjoyable season!


1. Network with neighbors

2. Have packages delivered to work

3. Leave specific drop-off instructions

4. Install security camera

5. Pick up packages at a facility

6. Utilize a smart lock 


1. Utilize locking cords

2. Set up surveillance; install motion sensor floodlights

3. Bring valuable pieces in at night

4. Reinforce with zip ties, tent stakes, rebar, rope

5. Take decorations down as soon as possible 


1. Lock your vehicle and keep purchased gifts in the trunk

2. Park in well-lit areas and be aware of your surroundings

3.  Shop with family and friends not alone

4. Only carry one credit card and limit your cash

5. On-line sales: research the seller and product, read the fine print, understand purchase agreements, verify the security of the payment process, create a difficult password, use only one credit card for all online purchases

Kate McLaughlin

I am the Community Policing Specialist at the Euclid Police Department.

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Volume 10, Issue 12, Posted 6:26 PM, 12.02.2019