While You Breathe

I miss friends who have died.  I am a better person for having known them.  In their honor, I am reminding you to live.

Just today, let down your guard instead of being so tough.  Don’t play it safe.

Take the time to enjoy the simplicity and gift of a slow, deep breath.  Look around with wonder.  Open your eyes to the intricacies of the world you usually don’t notice.  Feel your skin.  Touch the clothing you wear.  Taste the food you eat.  Listen to the sounds, even the sound of silence.

Be thankful.  Smile.

Have a real conversation with someone.  Listen.  Try to understand their struggle.  Don’t judge.  Don’t give advice.  Be present.  If your heart wants to break, let it.  Be human.

Stumble. Curse.  Cry.  Laugh.  Surrender.

Fall apart.  Grow through it. 

Be your genuine quirky self, and fall madly, deeply in love with life.

Embrace it all.  Live today. 

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 4:14 PM, 11.11.2019