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Mercury retrograde and the astrological phenomenon known as Retrogradation is reflective of what is happening this Fall season.   This is one of the more specific astrological influences which is being discussed more and more in the public circle.

In consulting an ephemeris (a book which provides astrologers and astronomers with information concerning the positions of the planets and various other data necessary for our sciences) it is noted that a Mercury retrograde influences us now.  Mercury retrogrades four times during the year so we have ample opportunity to become aware of these periods in our lives and to become attune to the influences of retrograde Mercury.

The popular sentiment continues to be retrograde periods are times of general confusion, uncertainty and possible catastrophe which is not always the case.   In general, the meaning of the retrograde phenomena has to do with the energies of the planet in question.  What their more personal and subjective influence on us could be and so for the length of the retrograde period we can learn to act according to the nature of the planet involved.  

In the case of Mercury retrograde there are several very clear indicators which present themselves during these periods. On the challenging or difficult side we have the problems with communication which result in mis-communication of some form.  There are usually problems with cell phones and computers.  Transportation issues with irritating automotive break-downs of both nagging minor problems and hard to diagnose troubles.  Commerce in the form of contract negotiations and the execution of plans can be problematic with some aspect of the contract not clearly understood or misunderstood.  Plans can be confused during this time.

On the more helpful side this is a good time to meditate especially regarding self-care as it is coming to be called these days.  While the execution of plans is better put off if possible until the retrograde period for Mercury has passed,  making plans can be a very rewarding enterprise.  Retrograde Mercury encourages the doting “i”s and the crossing of “t”s which encourages us to leave no stone unturned in our thinking about something.

This is the time to write that book you have been putting off or the stage or screen play and even poetry.   Diary and Journal writing can be greatly beneficial during this time and the point is to be very self-reflecting and more authentic.

Mercury’s retrograde period usually last about 3 weeks and this one begins on October 31st (Halloween) and lasts most of the month of November.  Because of some other factors which are operating along with this particular Mercury retrograde it is an especially good time to develop clear and critical thinking habits and behaviors.

So far from being the “end-of-the-world” retrograde Mercury can be a very useful and productive time with just a little foresight and awareness of the time.

Next month a more popular planet, the Moon, will be discussed.  

Be well until next month.

James Page, Astrology Teacher holds a Monday 6:30 pm class at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics, 21933 Euclid Ave., Euclid, Ohio. 44117.     216 486-7240

Annette Tabar

James Page has studied Astrology for over 40 years.  His advanced degrees have supported him in meeting technical experts to advance his own studies.

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 4:14 PM, 11.11.2019