A visit from Bishop Perez

Students at Ss. Robert and William Catholic School are involved in many wonderful activities, but one of the most important and worthwhile initiatives is the No Place For Hate program.  This initiative, sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League, provides schools with a framework for combating bias, bullying, and hatred.  SRW is the only elementary school in the Diocese of Cleveland to receive this designation.  For three consecutive years, SRW students have met the established criteria and have been awarded a No Place for Hate banner recognizing their efforts.  The goal of eliminating bullying is a tall task but it is one the students believe everyone can support.  One requirement for the program is to design and implement three school-wide, anti-bias or bullying prevention activities.  One of the SRW projects, a speaker series, included presentations by a local Rabbi and a local Imam.  This activity educated the students on both the Jewish and Muslim faiths.  Two other projects, a peace pole, and buddy benches are on display on campus for the parish and community to see and use.

Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Bishop Nelson Perez visited the school on October 7th to celebrate Mass with the students and to find out more about their efforts to stop bullying.  During his homily, he said: “Your actions that granted your school this award were not just intentional motions. They were prayerful.  They take into account humanity and our Catholic values.” After Mass, he met with the NPFH students and listened to presentations about why they joined the club and how they feel it has changed the school for the better. The students also had an opportunity to ask him some questions, one of which was, "What's your favorite part of being a bishop?"  He replied, "Visiting with young people like you and seeing the great things you are doing."

During his visit, Bishop Perez toured the school and our recently opened Guardian Angels Early Learning Center. Not only did he take the time to ask questions of the students, but he took a moment to hold one of our littlest learners from the Early Learning Center. He was thrilled to see the renovations to the gym and Early Learning Center, as they are two of the biggest physical signs of growth for the school. Bishop Perez was impressed with the extensive renovations, but it was a small project that seemed to impress him the most.  Sitting outside on a buddy bench, next to the Peace Pole, had a big impact on Bishop Perez. He loved the idea that there is a place for someone who feels left out to go where they can find friendship and kindness.

SRW is proud of the many accomplishments of their students and were glad to have the Bishop see the good they are doing. He said he was happy to visit and can't wait to spread the word about No Place For Hate.

Nathan Raddell

Nathan Raddell

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Volume 10, Issue 11, Posted 4:14 PM, 11.11.2019