In a joint celebration Ss. Robert & William and Saint John of the Cross parishes gathered at 5:00 pm in the parking lot of Ss. Robert & William for the second annual celebration. A Statue of Mary, handbells, Priests, Deacons, Flags, and Lolly the trolley all made their way down 260th street for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother, Mary. The group processed and prayed their way up the to Saint John of the Cross for and outdoor Ceremony in the beautiful, garden Shrine. The Knights of Columbus from both parishes hosted the picnic that followed, where hundreds of adults and children were able to enjoy a wonderful summer evening together as people of faith. Thank you to the Knights of Columbus and all who helped organize this great event.

Nathan Raddell

Ss. Robert & William Catholic School and Parish

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Volume 10, Issue 9, Posted 5:24 PM, 09.08.2019