The Pond and Garden tour, the breath taking views of Eucld

If you’ve never been on the pond and garden tour, then you have been missing a real treat. I remember seeing the signs around town thinking, “What is the Pond and Garden tour?” It wasn’t long before I found out. My first year on the tour I must admit I was absolutely amazed at what I saw. Beautiful waterfalls and other water features. Hard scape and fairy gardens. Ponds, gazebos you name it  the Euclid pond and garden tour had it to offer. It was as though I stepped into an issue of Home and Garden magazine, the Euclid edition. Not only does the garden showcase some of the most amazing landscapes you will see in North East Ohio, but its an event that really brings the community together. I have met some amazing people on the tour, people that I will forever remain in touch with or at least remember. Its not just Euclid residents, but the tour draws over 200 plus people a year and many of those people are from cities like, Cleveland Hts., Shaker Hts., Strongsville, Parma even people from Ashtabula county. They come from all over to see the hidden gems of Euclid. The Pond and Garden tour is organized by Euclid’s Shade Tree Commission, which is made up of Euclid residents that volunteer dedicating many hours, going to classes, and organizing events such as the Pond and Garden tour and Arbor day celebrations. They can also be found at different community events educating residents about the importance of trees and Euclid’s tree canopy specifically. As Ward 3 Councilwoman, I am honored to serve as a volunteer with such a passionate group of people. You may be wondering how the gardens are selected for the tour; there is a committee that goes out and search for new gardeners to showcase each year. They only select the best of the best. Just as residents and visitors are amazed by what they see on the tour, the gardeners themselves are excited and full of pride as their hard work is noticed by so many. Here is what gardeners and tourists had to say about their experience on the tour this year:

 Ever since John and I have been participating in the Euclid Pond and Garden Tour, we have met some of the best people in our community! It's always great being around people who share the same passion as we do. What a great opportunity to share plants, tips on where to shop, as well as helpful gardening tips and tricks. The tour brings people from outside the city which highlights what Euclid has to offer. I've also noticed, over the past several years, that more and more seniors are participating in the tour.  Although they may not be able to garden anymore, they are able to participate in this weekend activity. Since different gardens invoke different feelings in garden visitors, it is always nice to witness the inspiration and motivation to transform their own gardens. - MaryAnn Thesing

We thought it was great. All the hosts were incredibly nice and hospitable. Took me and Bonnie into areas of Euclid that at least I didn't know existed. Nothing really but positives. It was a good time. - Mark B. Felber
Attorney & Counselor at Law

People walked, biked and drove to see these gardens. Each year the tour brings on new and return gardeners, for many it has become a family tradition, I know it has for my family. Maybe you have considered showing your garden and just wasn’t sure how to go about it. Email the Commission Chair Brenda Hall at Whether you become a gardener or tourist, I look forward to seeing you on the tour in 2020.


Councilwoman Taneika Hill

Taneika Hill

I am the current Councilwoman for Ward 3 here in the city of Euclid. I am also a licensed minister at Imani Church which is located at 1505 E 260th St. I have lived in the city for 8 years now but I have worshiped and or worked in this city for almost 30 yrs. I love and believe in the city and I am glad to not only be a part of it, but serve in the capacity that I do.

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