Our Lady of the Lake School Welcomes Students Back with Theme of Inclusion

OLL School Welcomes Students Back Tuesday, August 27th

We Care About the Whole Child!

“At Our Lady of the Lake we care about the whole child, not just the academics,” says Principal Mrs. Jenny Millett. “We value each student and work hard to ensure the success of each of these students.”

 “We are all worthy of God’s Love” is the new theme of the 2019-2020 school year  The theme embraces harmony and community – both of which are reflected in the vision of the school. Service and a committment to others is integral in the day to day learning experience at OLL School as teachers incorporate faith into their lessons.

Assistant Principal, Ms. Lauren Zbiegien, will oversee technology and the new Maker Space.  She and principal, Mrs. Jenny Millett, have been diligent in their efforts to ensure that their vision of Our Lady of the Lake School reflects the values that make this school offer a great education with a small community feel.

Principal Mrs Jenny Millett emphasized their commitment to keeping OLL School a great learning environment. “Our class sizes are ideal. In the primary grades we don’t have classes over 20, and in the middle school and junior high they don’t exceed 25 students.

Our Lady of the Lake has a family like feeling. We are one big community. This is home to many people. Seven members of our staff graduated from here, and many of us send our children here.

Each staff member cares about the well being of the students. The creativeness and passion our teachers display is awesome.”


Exciting New Technology Upgrades!

The fully accredited elementary school is ramping up on the technology to prepare students for a global society where they are taught to be independent and innovative thinkers.

Mrs. Millett and Ms. Zbiegien explained: “Our new innovative Maker Space will be taking over the computer lab. The Maker Space is a dedicated learning area featuring computer stations and is equipped with a Maker Gear M3 3D Printer, coding devices such as robots,  Osmos, Bee-Bot, building manipulatives and so much more! There is flexible seating in this room as well that lends itself to making it easier for the students to explore and create.

We are also excited to be extending and expanding our STEM program from two days per week to four days per week. STEM classes will be taught in the Maker Space for grades kindergarten through grade eight. Our Lady of the Lake School is invested in STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) because, not only are these some of the most important fields youth can study to prepare for successful careers, but they’re also really fun. 

In addition, eighth grade math will be expanding to include an Algebra I on campus class for our qualified eighth graders. This class will be taught first period, and will allow the students to test out of Algebra I in high school.  As for language, we offer Spanish every day to our sixth through eighth graders. This qualifies a student to test out and begin Spanish II in high school.  Additionally, this year will be the first year we will accept the Jon Peterson Scholarship, a scholarship to assist those with special needs.”

First Day of School is Tuesday, August 27

The faculty and staff of Our Lady of the Lake School will welcome students back on first day of school Tuesday, August 27. 

Bev Caldwell

Bev Caldwell

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