A Spiritual Journey to the Real You

Amazing, isn't it that the year 2020 is actually less than six months away.  It has been a year in the future for so long, or so it seemed.

I ask myself, have I done what was somewhat planned to do in 2019?  Or did I leave my plans unfinished and left to chance?  If left to chance, they probably didn't happen.  But sometimes I purposely don't make plans.  I create ideas of what I would like to do or experience and focus on these thoughts daily.  And to my delight, the best things happen.  Summer vacation travel was one of these joyful thoughts.  I have been to Florida several times to visit family and friends.  Earlier this year, I thought about heading south.  Through spring and early summer the desire was still there.  But I never confirmed arrival dates in May or June.  Then an unexpected phone call gave me the greatest joy.  My travel didn't have to happen because I would get a visitor for a week that I really wanted to see.    In my belief system, Spirit is good to me. The Universe heard my thoughts and provided a solution that was most acceptable to me and others.  Is this the great Law of Manifesting action.  I believe so.  

What are you manifesting in your life?  Keep a watchful eye on your thoughts.  Observe the opportunities that arise that are true gifts.  Give yourself time to plant the highest and best seed thought and with wonder see how they grow.  Meditate on what is best for you.  Most recently I wanted to learn more about supporting my immune system to insure better health.  In a short time, a new friend appeared who was trained in EFT, Emotional Freedom Therapy.  It's an easy tapping method that helps to release toxins from your body through the lymph system.  Perfect for me and so easy to do.  Again, the great Law of Manifesting at work.  God, Universe or Spirit is so great to us.  

We need only give thanks through prayers of gratitude. I do all the time. To learn more about the Law of Manifesting , visit the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics at 21933 Euclid Ave., Euclid  44117 or call  216 486 7240 for class information.

Annette Tabar

Annette Tabar is  retired social worker.  She is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University and currently teaches metaphysics at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics in Euclid.

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Volume 10, Issue 8, Posted 8:51 AM, 07.30.2019