They’re Never Too Young to Sing…

Friends with God (Youth Music Ministry) singing on steps of church at the 200th Street Stroll.

Music has a young face these days…Just ask the new group of Friends with God YMM (Youth Music Ministry) how they feel they can make a difference… “We like to make people smile when we sing” said one youngster, who summed it up pretty well. 

The Friends with God YMM roster is made up of 18 students from Our Lady of the Lake School. Most are from grades Kindergarten thru grade three, with a few older youth choir students that join them to take the lead in some of the songs.  The new youth music ministry gives the young folks a chance to shine at events such as the E. 200th street Stroll and also the OLL Parish Picnic. 

Under the direction of Mrs. Melissa Gali-Bird, Music Director at OLL, the children were asked for ideas for a group name and “Friends with God” was submitted by Luna Kime.  In a show of support, The Genesis Group of OLL, an active 50 plus parish ministry group, donated funds for Friends with God to get matching t-shirts. 

Please keep your eyes and ears open for Friends with God out in the community. They will be singing next at the Slovene Home.  So, if you hear such favorites as “This Little Light of Mine” and “We are Called” sung with joy, it might just be Friends with God trying to make you smile…

Bev Caldwell

Our Lady of the Lake

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Volume 10, Issue 7, Posted 12:30 PM, 07.07.2019