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Are you frustrated or exhausted because you’ve tried “everything” and still can’t get breakthrough results? During these challenging times don’t get caught in a self-spiral that feeds blame. Blaming is a consuming attitude. When you cast blame, it wraps you and anyone else involved in blankets of doubt and fear. When relationships are contaminated with blame and shame, they spin and wobble and become loosely formed. Situations become conditional. Trust unravels. Stop doing what is not working before it’s too late. Instead, take a deep cleansing breath and make a radical shift to think and speak in gratitude. Turn your situation upside down by taking on a different perspective. Change your atmosphere and you can change your outcomes.

A fast-track to different outcomes is to take-on responsibility for your words and actions.  Operate from a position of power (not control).  Accept ownership for your involvement in the matter. See the situation and your contributions to it straight on. Face-up to the turbulence of the consequences. Leave blaming out of it. When you open-up to see the situation with clear eyes you make yourself available for something different to happen. By taking responsibility, you activate an empowered sense of yourself. You become accountable. It’s a healthy way to live. Stop being stubborn or digging-in deeper out of habit. Let vindictiveness melt away. Live life free of shame and blame. You will automatically propel yourself forward to ascend and thrive.

Understanding the power of interpersonal communication can significantly improve your relationships. Try out my suggestions and let me know how it’s working for you. It all starts with a conversation. Request a Chat (it's free) on Calendly:

Deb Dobbs

I am a communication consultant and entrepreneur.

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Volume 10, Issue 7, Posted 12:30 PM, 07.07.2019