A Spiritual Journey to Awakening the Real You

Do you have trouble finding peace and joy when all around you is anything but peaceful?  Are you challenged with a "tiger roar" when something happens that isn't to your preference? Do your thoughts race or wander?  You are not alone.  One of the most challenging life lessons is learning to awaken the sense of balance that is our divine birth right..  Peace, harmony and joy are within us if we get personality out of the way.  Most people want life to happen on their terms and strive to make it so.  Having, doing and being is living life in a reverse fashion  The key to success is BEING, DOING AND HAVING according to wisdom offered by author Neal Donald Walsh.  This message also comes through in the Path of Light teachings by Dr. Robert  Crary.    BE the peace and joy you desire.  Take a moment to quiet your thoughts with a gentle breath.  Take a second breath and by the time a third breath occurs,  this centering practice awakens an inner power to align your mind, body and spirit to your perfect design.  It takes practice but is so worth doing. Living a conscious life is living fully in the moment.  Awaken to your real self.  

The Rishis Institute of Metaphysics offers day and evening one hour classes through The Path of Light teachings.  Join us for a new eight week course.   We welcome all seekers.  Call  216 486 7240 or visit at www.rishisinstituteofmetaphysics.com 

A Tabar

Retired mental health social worker and counselor.  Reiki Master with integrative therapies experience.   Current instructor at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics in Euclid, Ohio.

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Volume 10, Issue 6, Posted 4:12 PM, 06.05.2019