Health Hugs: Self awareness is key to prevention.

Natalie-Jo Flynn, Health and wellness practitioner, coach and advocate.

Health and wellness is a trillion-dollar business for a reason, We as a society have done a fabulous job at getting us to where we are with our health and now it is time for a radical upgrade.

In doing some spring cleaning I came across a paper I wrote as a senior Nursing student at Ursuline college 23 years ago. I was certain about how I saw healthcare and how it needs to be implemented in each person. I wrote about my vision of health and how it is imperative for the patient/person to have body/mind awareness. How we need to treat the person, not just the illness, This was way before I had ever heard of Functional or integrative medicine.

I wrote, “It is not enough to merely treat illness, we must holistically prevent when possible and treat the causes.”

Throughout life, being raised in a health-conscious home I came to understand and believe in the important role of nutrition and movement in preventing disease and maintaining health.

Most American diseases are preventable and many can be treated with proper nutrition. Preventive medicine has been a popular in healthcare for a while, with mammograms, colonoscopies, blood markers, PSA, EKGs, physicals ect… It seems it has gotten to be commonplace in language and discussions and yet overlooked as part of our actual health and overall wellness picture.

For many participants, These tests are like a sobriety check point, you are ok now, Go ahead with what you were doing, you passed your tests today.

The client now has a sense of, what I’m doing is ok, it hasn’t caught up with me yet.

Our bodies are magnificent at repairing and compensating for so long before showing a sign or a symptom that it is giving up and can no longer support the insult.  This is usually when one will seek care. Depending on the insult and injury to the body system, repair will take work, change, time and discipline and waiting till you’re sick to make all these changes is not an easy task. People feel less likely to work at getting better if they already feel bad.

It is this passion of self-awareness and living well that drives me to be an advocate a teacher, supporter and Coach.

I know beyond a doubt that people can be healthy and feel good in their skin, it’s not just for a select few, It’s for anyone who wants it. 

As a coach, I work with whole system approach, Body, mind, gut, spirit. My clients learn and understand how the body responds and the difference it makes when small changes make big improvements on overall wellbeing.

Medicine is an incredible tool and when used correctly, with life style changes, people are successful in healing. It is when there is a false sense of thinking that medication will cure you alone without any modifications to what caused the need for medication in the first place, there lies a discrepancy on the healing that takes place verses what could if done right.

I believe deeply that asking yourself and understanding, “What’s going on in there?”, nutrition and movement are crucial to our success at “living” in our bodies.

Yes, we can replace broken parts however, it does not go without a large price on our system as a whole.

Prevent and prevail. Remember, What Got you here won’t get you there, change your path or change your shoes, something has to change in order for you to have a new result, and that goes with just about everything.

I am part of a revolution in health care, a team of professionals who are dedicated to working with people who need and want a better, healthier life. As a health and wellness coach I work with my clients 1-1 to establish a plan curated for you and what you want. Everyone is different. I am a guide, advocate, supporter, part cheerleader and part tough love coach. 

I work only with those who are ready to live with themselves in the way they desire but just cannot get the kickstart. 

A phone conversation is free and can help you determine your next best move to wellness for you. I would love to hear your want, I offer a discovery session so you can see what it would be like to work with me as your coach. 

Spring has sprung and then spring 2020 will come, where will you be then?

Let’s Move That Mountain! One little push is all it takes.
Natalie-Jo Flynn, MSN, CHC, Personal life-style Coach 


Natalie-Jo Flynn

I am Natalie-Jo, a Personal Health  and wellness Coach.
A Health Coach is a master of habit change, an advocate for living a healthy, happy lifestyle, a teacher of transformation, and an accountability partner to keep clients striving to reach their ultimate goal.

A Health Coach does not prescribe medicine or take the place of a medical professional, they are the motivators to push the client toward lasting results and lifestyle change using holistic and natural methods.

A Health Coach sets attainable goals for their clients, suggests alternative ways to cope with setbacks, and supports their clients in the unmasking of the true meaning behind behaviors - unconsciously or in reaction to external demands. A Health Coach firmly believes that change cannot occur without accountability and sustained motivation, thus the important role of a Health Coach.

 I've had 23 years in medicine and have taken a new path thats best for the those I serve. My mission is to Share my Passion and knowledge, strengths and experiences to connect people with their will to be well. Its easier to stay well that to get well, I guide, advocate, teach and support our community the best way I know how and I keep learning an improving myself in order to be my best for others.

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Volume 10, Issue 5, Posted 10:36 AM, 05.05.2019