Willpower gives you a jumpstart, not a ride.

Natalie-Jo Flynn, Wellness coach, public speaker, masters in nursing

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If I just had the WILLPOWER – I could?

A Quote by Jim Randall, author of The Skinny on Willpower, a short read, goes, 

“The faculty of voluntarily bringing back a wondering attention over and over again is the very root of judgement, character and will, this is the secret of life, the key to genuine, success, love and happiness, security, fulfilment, we live where our attention is, complete concentration is the secret of genius in any field, those who can put their attention on a task or a goal  and keep it there are bound to make their mark in life”

He further quotes Teddy Roosevelt, “The quality which sets one apart from another, the key which lifts one to every aspiration while others are caught up in the mire of mediocracy, is not talent, formal education, nor intellectual brightness; it is SELF-DISCIPLINE. With self-discipline, all things are possible. Without it, even the simplest goal can seem like an impossible dream.

All success stories have self-discipline and a solid vision as the Key, no way around it. 

Where we put out attention is where we go.

Are you finding you plan to hold to a diet, an exercise program, stay off your social media until a certain time a day, prepare and study for that job you want or schedule time for yourself care. 

You have the will power to set up yourself up to win, it’s your rocket fuel to give you bursts of energy to accomplish a goal or a task, however that fuel burst runs out, it’s enough to get you off the ground but not sustain your mission. 

That’s why, in order to sustain yourself with that energy we must set up our environment to keep up going when our high-octane fizzles down to regular.

  1. Be crystal clear on what your vision or goal is for yourself.
  2. Map out your plan- measure, schedule, calculate your steps.
  3. Be willing to shut out those things /people that are pulling you in the wrong direction- i.e.- excessive social media rabbit hole diving.
  4. Get an accountability person- someone who has YOU as their agenda such as a Wellness Coach, one who will non-judgmentally be truthful and keep you on task. Friends and family have their own agendas to tend to and mean well and can support when time is handy.
  5. As you go forward and your vision and imagination are working with you, you will build the momentum and Will power can go on reserve.

Why am I bringing this up?

I want everyone to succeed, live well, be well and enjoy the process. 

My clients and patients commonly feel they don’t have willpower or they say they lost their willpower.

It’s true, like a sugar rush, it’s there for a situation but your mind and body chemistry cannot sustain that type of “go”.

It’s like starting the car with the battery but runs off the alternator, if the alternator is bad, the battery will only go so far then it runs out of juice.

Helpful Hint: With a coach in your corner you will be stretched, kept on target of your goal, keep your steps in line, not skipping steps, keeping you on task and held accountable,  (By the way, That’s what I do). 

Today set a goal, set 2 hours aside daily for that life changing dream you envision, set up your surroundings, focus solely on that.

Where your mind goes the body follows. 

Willpower +Self discipline+ action and accountabily= SUCCESS!

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Natalie-Jo Flynn, MSN, CHC, Personal lifestyle Coach



Natalie-Jo Flynn

I am Natalie-Jo, a Personal Health  and wellness Coach.
A Health Coach is a master of habit change, an advocate for living a healthy, happy lifestyle, a teacher of transformation, and an accountability partner to keep clients striving to reach their ultimate goal.

A Health Coach does not prescribe medicine or take the place of a medical professional, they are the motivators to push the client toward lasting results and lifestyle change using holistic and natural methods.

A Health Coach sets attainable goals for their clients, suggests alternative ways to cope with setbacks, and supports their clients in the unmasking of the true meaning behind behaviors - unconsciously or in reaction to external demands. A Health Coach firmly believes that change cannot occur without accountability and sustained motivation, thus the important role of a Health Coach.

 I've had 23 years in medicine and have taken a new path thats best for the those I serve. My mission is to Share my Passion and knowledge, strengths and experiences to connect people with their will to be well. Its easier to stay well that to get well, I guide, advocate, teach and support our community the best way I know how and I keep learning an improving myself in order to be my best for others.

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