Seeing Double at Bluestone Business Park

Heavy equipment is being used to prepare the sites of two new buildings under construction at Bluestone Business Park.

Local development company Ray Fogg Building Methods has Euclid officials doing a double take this year with the construction TWO new buildings at Bluestone Business Park.  

On the south side of Bluestone Boulevard, crews are constructing Bluestone Number 4.  The 75,576 square foot building will be completed in fall 2019.  It is currently being marketed for lease.

Across the street, work is underway on Bluestone Number 6.  At 136,635 square feet with room to expand, Bluestone 6 will be the largest building in the park to date.  

The two new buildings will match the existing Bluestone buildings in terms of color, design and building material.  Once completed, these two buildings will bring the total amount of modern industrial building space at Bluestone Business Park to over half a million square feet.  

Jonathan Holody

Jonathan Holody is Director of Planning and Development for the City of Euclid.

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Volume 10, Issue 4, Posted 3:01 PM, 03.30.2019