MADS for the cause

Mads for the cause is a benefit concert that supports four very important causes MS AUTISM, DRUG ADDICTION,SEX TRAFFICKING. These men And woman fight everyday to get outta bed because their muscles don’t work right anymore and we complain when our do. Autism people say aren’t they slow I say they occupy space in their own head some pure genius and people really need to read more about these amazing human beings. Drug addiction people treat these as if they our the plague instead of helping they get shunned remember this is a disease and they need a ccure , self motivation, support of love ones , help from those  who ha e fought their addiction themselves. Sex trafficking in Ohio is at its highest ranked fourth nationally at the average age of thirteen  boys and girls places on the street to do ungodly tricks  for sick fantasies of those.These ten artists have come together and collaborated their talent of artistry writing  beautiful magical experience for those to see. Two showcaxing artists ViZIER & YKE are upcoming the next tupac and ice cube or our time writing lyric that actually mean something, being the voice of the people, being role models for young boys and girls of all races and bringing unity back as out great Martin Luther king did at one time. Have a purpose. They are two of the best I have seen in a long time thei rap is inspiring, positive, and done with faith it will be heard. They truly are blessings in this  world, I am happy they chose me to ride this journey with them . My name Is “MA P” in the music industry.This benefit will be held May 18 th at 6:30 ppm prompt doors open at 6pm tickets only $15 dollars. Don’t brush this concert under the rug be a part of something so impacting in this world it will touch your heart and meet the Artists

My name is Joseph Jemison, my stage name is VIZIER and I am 25 years old hailing from Akron, Ohio.
I was brung up off a wide variety of music from gospel, to jazz, to island, to rock, to hip hop because of my dad's taste in music. With that being said music has played a huge role in my life even before I begun to do my own. Music for me has always been therapeutic so I began to use it as a get away for my thoughts, feelings and emotions; it allowed me to cope with a lot of my trails and tribulations.
I've been writing rhymes since the age of 16 but until I met my Paula Sherwood, Ma P who now is my manager, i had yet to actually do a show.
Up until this point I have been battling with stage fright, battling my own inequities, and a couple of addictions to weed, alcohol, and pills which i can actually say that in 2019, by the grace of God and my faith in Jesus Christ, I have been delivered from and have remained clean since January 1st of this year.
Outside of working a full time job, I devote a majority of my time to developing my craft In writing when it comes to the passion I have regarding my music, which derives anywhere from hip-hop to poetry to spoken word.
With the guidance of my manager, I have graced stages from MODA in Akron, to Kings and Queens lounge in Southgate, to B-Side Lounge in Cleveland.

   Anthony Jacobs aka young king better known as YKE! I’m Tupac was my biggest influence along with Cole and Ace hood. Me and music fell in love in middle school I had so much I was dealing with as child and I needed an outlet something to go to when I was feeling low so I picked up the pen and until this day I never put it down. I just want people to feel my heart and relate to certain things in my music that they are dealing with as well I just want to change and impact the world that’s my dream!     Name: Mikey Blair Artist Name: Rosco No.E Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio Age: 26   Bio: I've been making music since my freshman year of college in 2010. I enjoy making music about my story, experiences and inspiring others with my voice. Music is something I realized we all can relate to especially if the message connects with them. I take pride in not using any profanity in my songs, and I've developed a solid fan base by sticking to my sound.    Sex or Human trafficking is a big problem not only in Ohio but the United states, and I decided to make a song about the issue to bring more awareness. I'm excited to be apart of the benefit concert.   My name is Andre Johnson aka Oso Dre. I was born and raised in Rock Island Illinois. I grew up playing basketball but music has always been a strong passion of mine. I grew up listening to 2pac who is one of my all time favorites. I love his passion and his versatility. 2pac can make a song about some street stuff like “Americas Most Wanted” then turn around and make a sentimental song with meaning like “Changes” or “Keep Ya Head”. I love writing and creating music it makes me feel good when people listen to my music and like it and they sing along to it. It makes me wana do this forever lol. So music means a lot to me and it always will.    

Kartel wit A K, born and raised in Mt. Vernon, NY. He has been writing and recording music since the age of 14, inspired by the pioneers of his neighborhood like, Heavy D, Kool Herc, Pete Rock and CL Smooth. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia and being signed to an independent label he pursued his dreams of music in the south, until the label fell through due to financial reasons. Kartel Wit A K came back to NY only to be incarcerated for 5 years. Now he’s home free and more hungrier and focused than he’s ever been.
In March 2017 Kartel Wit A K signed on with MCDOM MGMT. Immediately after signing with MCDOM MGMT, Wit A K started working with Ty Fyffe from the Heatmakers via Patchwork studios, Jean Nelson, Def Jams Wutang Clan, Dj Kay, Dj Bedtyme, JadaKiss, and Vinnie Idle just to name few. Wit A K has represented the city of Mount Vernon, NY in multiple events hosted by the mayor of Mount Vernon Richard Thomas such as Mount Vernon City Fest, Stop the Domestic Violence & Cancer Event and Pray for My City. A host of radio interviews and shows including SOB’s, hosting a party with James R from Love and Hip Hop, attended Bianca from Love and Hip Hop album release party. Wit A K has been a ghostwriter for some celebrities that’s known to the music world and was featured in Straight Stuntin Magazine Issue #49. Plus recorded a song just recently called “WHO DO U THINK U ARE” featuring JadaKiss following a music video soon. As of now Kartel Wit A K can be found on social media on:
Facebook : @Kevin Kartel Thompson
Also find Kartel Wit A K on Soundcloud, YouTube, and

Aaron Thomas “ATV” Vance singer, songwriter and performer of Dayton, Ohio. 
Aaron has been singing as since speaking his first words. At age 7 , Aaron toured Dayton as the young Michael Jackson. Through High School Aaron was know by his peer as a singer. Aaron Attended Central State University where he really found his voice and growth for music touring with the CSU Chorus. Since leaving CSU. Aaron has made it his purpose to chase his dreams in music. While being vocalist for Saxtone , saxophone player for The Zapp Band , and was really pushed to strengthen his craft. It was at this time that Aaron’s love for funk and soul music really took over . Entertainers like James Brown Stevie Wonder, Gary Clark jr and Chris Stapleton to name a few really helped ATV to grow into the Entertainer he is today. I Aaron joined “FREAKQUENCY “ a high energy, multi genre band where he began to creat and write original music. Aaron decided to take a break from the band where in Feb 2019 he moved to Cleveland, to help future find his voice and fine tune his craft . Aaron is prepared , and declares he will do great things along this musical jour

My name’s Samantha Likes. I’m 23 years young. I was raised in Bradenton, Florida but I currently reside in Sandusky, Ohio. Growing up, I always loved to sing. I remember watching videos, that my parents/sisters took on our old video camera, of me dancing around the living room, singing into a hairbrush. I may have been 5 or 6. Then I started going to karaoke when I was about 8 or 9, and still do it to this day. 
I always remember being a happy kid.. But, when I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with depression. I’ve struggled with it for a long time, but I never really had thought it was possibility until I was in high school. I would say that being bullied made the depression worse, and I finally ended up seeking help. Through the years, Music has been the one thing that has always been able to brighten up even my darkest days. It’s been the one thing I can ALWAYS turn to. I’ve gotta say, that’s what really motivates my music. I want to be able to use my music to influence other people. Inspire them. Give them something to listen to, that they can relate to. I wanna be able to do what other music has done for me, for others, with my music.

Chevin  meadows aka CHEV-I grew up in Akron Ohio born and raised, 
I’m 26 yes old. My father was a DJ so growing up I remember being around crates and crates of music. The first vinyl I picked up was a Micheal Jackson Vinyl but that wasn’t the big that bit me, heart break is what drove me to music at first it started off just Writing.

Spilling feelings because as a man you can’t really talk to your homies about heart break as a man we go thru that as far as talk about it, so my pen started that and eventually it started to make music for the people️ bring fun positivity feel good️ and as long as I’m doing Gods will I’m doing my purpose

Artist known as VANTE-my love of music started because of my mom playing music through the house.My step father played biggie and Tupac they became inspirations and my uncle hooked me on to Eminem early and my mom had me in love with Tina Marie, and Sade, also temptations and Isley brothers.Music is an escape something that helps me write my emotions when I hit that dark place, helps me heal.Everything you see is music and the colors it brings beautiful colors. Everything you do everything you feel the rhythm of your heart is music.your voice is an instrument,and something I found myself good at . I want people to remember my music and believe in what I say.Music helps me know what I want in life. It helps me stay outta trouble I could be hanging around the wrong people instead I stay inside and write so the world can see and appreciate what I have to say.

And last but not least Elijah Jackson a 16 Austin young man who’s poetry captivates your soul and brightens your heart. He is a beautiful  human being .  

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