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Devotion. When you hear the word, you may think of family, friends, a sense of belonging to a group or a familiarity with a geographic location. Perhaps you will think back to your teen years or time served in military service. When you hear the word, legacy, you might again think of family, friends or a group. However, in a contextual sense legacy is more. It is that essence that continues long after the originating source (person) is gone. Have you ever considered your legacy?  What are you leaving behind as your essence? What will you leave for the benefit of others?

When you think of an inheritance, you might think of something financial. Something that is tangible, measurable, significant. Yet, legacy is more. It is the intangible value others feel about you. It is the summation of actions, the impressions, the gifts of joy that you share with others. In this sense, legacy has more to do with how you treat others than the tangible items you might leave behind.

The memories you build with others, the past joys and sorrows you share with others, these are the gifts of yourself that you offer. As you generously offer yourself, you establish your legacy. As you willingly give of your time, your talent you build your legacy. Then later, as others re-act based on your actions, your legacy becomes active. Your essence continues as your influence thrives. What are you leaving behind? What will your legacy be? How will your actions influence others? Choose to be intentional. Design a vibrant, dynamic mosaic of your gifts, talents and influence to benefit others. Look around you. There’s no lack of need, just boundless opportunities to create and develop your living legacy. Don’t hesitate. Start building today.

Deb Dobbs

I am a communication consultant and entrepreneur.

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Volume 10, Issue 3, Posted 2:41 PM, 03.10.2019