EDCOR Home Programs

You do not have to be cited by the City of Euclid’s Housing Department to apply for and receive an EDCOR (Euclid Development Corporation) 3% Home Improvement Loan.  This independent program is open to all Euclid homeowner’s.  There are qualifications, but most Euclid residents will be eligible.  You must be of low or moderate income, own and live in your home for more than a year and have equity in the home.  All types of remodeling and improvements can be financed through this program.  An inspection is done before hand to determine what is needed, and afterwards to make sure that work was completed properly.   All contractors must be licensed by the City of Euclid. 

EDCOR was founded in 1978 by civic minded individuals.  Over 1600 loans have been made by EDCOR.  It is not part of the City of Euclid, but works closely with the Housing Department.

In 2010 EDCOR began its Down Payment Assistance program for people wishing to purchase a home in the City of Euclid.  To date more than 200 homes have been sold with EDCOR’s assistance.  The program is for low and moderate income households.  There are eligibility qualifications.  To view these qualifications go to www.CityofEuclid.com  then click on Resident Information and then on EDCOR.  Read all of the links at the bottom of the web page.

EDCOR’s motto is “Improving Euclid, One home at a time”.  Please contact Karen at EDCOR (216)289-4625 for further information.  Now is the time to apply for those Spring/Summer projects and needed remodeling or to be purchasing the home of your dreams.

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Volume 10, Issue 3, Posted 2:41 PM, 03.10.2019