I Need to Come Home

Sherrie Zagorc has lots of great memories and future goals for the building at the corner of Wilmore and E. 200th Street.

     This is not so much an article for the Euclid Observer as it is an unusual request for help from somebody in the Euclid area.  It’s a new year and I am stepping out of my comfort zone asking for help, but I feel such a strong need to come back to Euclid in 2019.  There are circumstances that are telling me this is the time to purchase the commercial building at 20110 Wilmore Ave. but I need lots of help to make it happen.

      My good friend and co-founder of Kiddie City, Carole Mozeleski, owns the Wilmore/E. 200th Street building that our first childcare center inhabited.   After Kiddie City moved to the former Lincoln Elementary School building in 2016, Carole renovated the building as her residence in the back and a meeting space in the large front room.  Carole has been presented a wonderful opportunity to move to the big island of Hawaii to a property that her son has purchased for his retirement.  She needs to sell her building in Euclid by this summer to finance her move and the renovation of her future home in Hawaii.  Her listed price is $200.000.00, but she is willing to sell it to me at a reduced price.

      I am an official resident of Euclid but for the last 7 years I have been living in Massillon, Ohio in my childhood home as a full - time caregiver for my 91 year old mother who has Alzheimer’s.  I believe my Mom is at a point in her disease to be able to make a transition with me to Euclid.  I have remained active in my Euclid activities as co-founder and board member at Kiddie City Child Care Community and as the founder and chairperson of the E. 200th Street Stroll event that has been held since 2006 on the Saturday after Memorial Day.  Even though I have not lived in Euclid since 2011, I have remained a staunch supporter of all things Euclid.  My husband and son continue to live in our three-story home in Euclid but our mortgage free home on E. 210th Street is tied up as collateral for a Kiddie City expansion loan.

     There are a few more additional circumstances that push me to seek assistance.   I cannot share these with this article’s readers, but I would love to talk in detail with someone who would be interested in creatively investing in me – a person with integrity and love for Euclid – and help me come home.      Thank you for your consideration, Sherrie  Zagorc

 Please contact me at ComeHometoEuclid@gmail.com or 330-832-7863.

Sherrie Zagorc

Sherrie Zagorc is a co-founder, volunteer, and board member of Kiddie City Child Care Community in addition to being the chairperson of the E. 200th Street Stroll.

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Volume 10, Issue 2, Posted 4:44 PM, 01.30.2019