Home Improvement Activity Surges in Euclid

Mike French and Hallie Delong stand in their newly renovated kitchen.  The couple are among the many homeowners that contributed to increased investment in the Euclid housing market last year.

Euclid homeowners invested at record levels in 2018 as the local housing market continued to show signs of improvement.  According to permits filed with the city, over $9.7 million was spent on single family home improvement projects in Euclid in 2018.  The amount is more than double the $4.7 million recorded in 2017.

In addition to an increase in routine maintenance projects like roof or furnace replacements, Euclid saw a large jump in the construction of home additions and new garages last year. 

All of the investment activity kept a steady stream of cases coming before the city's Architectural Review Board.  The three member board reviewed 25 unique projects in 2018, seven of which represented major residential projects. 

The investment surge comes amidst rising home values and solid sales figures.  Residential values increased over 16% in Euclid according the County-wide reappraisal released last July.   The gain was larger than any other city east of the Cuyahoga River.  

One Euclid couple that contributed to the renovation activity is Mike French and Halle Delong.  After living in their two story home on Edgecliff Drive for nearly two years, the family undertook a major home addition project in 2018 that added a new master bedroom and renovated kitchen.

"We are real happy with how the project turned out" said Mr. French.  "The house now has a more modern, updated style."

In addition to boosting the city's housing market, home renovation projects also contribute to the local economy.  "We tried to use Euclid-based companies whenever possible" commented Ms. Delong.  She noted that all of the kitchen cabinets came from Bear Cabinetry on Lakeland Boulevard.

Early indications point to continued residential investment in Euclid in 2019.  Local developer Property Improvement Specialist received approval to purchase four vacant lots from the City for the construction of new for-sale homes between East 185th and East 222nd Street.  The homes are scheduled to become available later this year.

As for the French-Delong family, they aren't done making improvements to their Euclid home.  "We still have a few bathrooms to re-do" said Mr. French.  Added Ms. Delong - now a home improvement veteran - "just a few minor things."

Jonathan Holody

Jonathan Holody is Director of Planning and Development for the City of Euclid.

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Volume 10, Issue 2, Posted 4:44 PM, 01.30.2019