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5 Top Hair Wellness Tips

  1. Are you wondering why your hair is feeling so dry and damaged? TURN DOWN THE HEAT!! Yes, you will get the same results just less damage when using your hot tools (irons, blow dryers etc.) Low settings are ideal for keeping your hair soft and shiny. And please make sure you are using a heat protectant as well. You can always call and ask me about our Olaplex restructuring treatments!! They are the newest science behind prevention/repairing hair damage! Worth every penny.
  2. Does your scalp ever get too dry? Sometimes the opposite even too oily?? Either way these are all tell tale signs of your PH balance being off. To balance that out try a apple cider vinegar wash! It will revitalize your scalp and bring back shine to your hair.
  3. The PH Scale of your hair and scalp is between 4.5-5.5 (acidic). Check and make sure all your shampoo’s and styling aids are in that range to keep everything in balance. That goes with your skin care as well!!
  4.  Normal hair loss is anywhere between 50-100 strands per day! It seems like a lot but that’s the norm. If experiencing extra hair loss ask yourself… Am I stressed? Am I taking any new medications? Am I pregnant or a nursing mother? Hormones, medicine, and environment Copic of big changes lots half of the all play roles in your hair cycles. Taking Biotin vitamins can help strengthen your hair and nails.
  5. These are recommended time frames for up keep on your locks

Haircuts 6-8 weeks (depending on shortness/style)

Color Retouch 5-6 weeks

Highlights 6-8 weeks

Toner Refresh 4 weeks

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