Thank You Euclid!

"DeSigned for This" volunteers at Senior Center

A huge THANK YOU for the generosity of our residents – we have so many people who give back to our community through donations of gifts, food, money and time not only during the holidays but throughout the year.   A special thank you to the many businesses and residents who donated toys that the Euclid Police were able to give away during the holidays.  Thank you to the many who gave to our seniors- especially Simone and “DeSigned for This” who organized a hat, scarf, glove drive!  Thanks to resident Brian Scheider for organizing a Holiday Lighting Contest to help spread the holiday cheer!   Thank you to our Euclid Hunger Center and many churches/Faith Communities for providing meals, food and other assistance to our residents in need.  We are truly a community that cares and looks out for each other! 

Volume 10, Issue 1, Posted 5:14 PM, 01.08.2019